A Peanut Butter Sandwich Just Might Be The Best Gas Station Food Hack

Long drives can be tough, whether it's a brutal commute home from work or an exciting road trip. A growling stomach has the potential to make things a lot worse. Unfortunately, so much on-the-go food is expensive and harmful to your health – not to mention seriously lacking in great taste, too. Fortunately, there's a delicious, filling, and relatively healthful food hack hiding at many gas stations. The Travel Channel suggests the peanut butter sandwich, a simple but endlessly customizable snack with the energy to get you to your destination or at least hold you over until dinner.

So why opt for the peanut butter sandwich? For one, it's easy to assemble. With just a few commonly available ingredients, your snack is ready. According to WebMD, it's also good for you, thanks to the protein and healthy fats in peanut butter. That's a stark contrast to often-unhealthy fast food or typical gas station fare like hot dogs and nachos. The protein of peanut butter also helps keep you feeling full to avoid the need for more snacking. That's also important for sticking to the budget on long road trips, with the cost of typical fast food meals on the rise, according to Pricelisto data analyze by CNET

The secret to a perfect peanut butter sandwich

First, you'll need some bread. Many gas stations mini markets will have a few loaves available. If there's no bread, you can always grab some crackers for mini-sandwiches instead. Nutrition experts from the Cleveland Clinic say that whole grain bread is the best and healthiest, thanks to the added fiber, vitamins, and minerals, as well as health benefits like helping prevent heart disease and cancer. Next, grab some peanut butter. You may need to grab a whole jar, but convenient and cost-effective squeeze pouches are also becoming more available for mobile snacking. More high-end spots may even have other kinds of nut butter, like almond or cashew, for those looking for a more exotic sandwich with different health benefits of their own. 

Now that you've got your basics, it's time to customize your ideal snack. Some may prefer traditional jelly (also commonly available at gas stations) or choose fresh fruit like the hardy apples or bananas often on sale in the fresh section. This adds an extra nutritional boost and some natural sweetness. Be creative, and listen to your stomach – but don't forget to keep health in mind, too. A nice carton of milk (or non-dairy milk for those who are lactose-sensitive) rounds out this simple but game-changing snack. Now, just put it all together, and you'll be chowing down before your tank is even filled. Who says gas station food can't be tasty and good for you?