The Flavorful Green Sauce Chefs Use To Elevate A Classic Breakfast Egg Sandwich

It seems unimaginable, but we can get bored of having the same breakfast daily. We have tried to reinvent how we prepare our eggs, and sometimes buy a different type of bread, but in the end, all of our breakfasts taste alike. Adding flavorful ingredients to your morning treat may enhance that experience, without discarding our favorite morning carbs and proteins.

A Michelin-star chef told Insider he puts chimichurri on its sourdough toast before topping it with fried eggs. Chimichurri is a sauce invented in Argentina that is mainly made with parsley, lemon, tons of garlic, olive oil, and sometimes oregano. People tend to confuse chimichurri with pesto, but chimichurri is thicker and does not include basil, pesto's main ingredient. Plus, making chimichurri is easy: Add everything in the food processor or blender and that's it.

It's convenient because you can make it while meal prepping, and save it in the fridge when the moment comes. Experts think that the longer it stays in the fridge, the better. Argentinians typically use it to put it over their famous steaks and seafood, but for people looking to surprise the palate, chimichurri may be the key to adding an earthy or even tangy taste to any meal. Let's start with our breakfast toasts.

Add herbs to your morning or to any meal

So chimichurri is a sauce with a parsley-infused flavor, garlic, and oil. You can add it to your toasted bread, as chefs suggest, or use it as an oil alternative and put it in the pan to fry your eggs. Consider it a similar version of the TikTok pesto eggs recipe, but with parsley. Go beyond the plain egg and bread combo: Mix chimichurri with avocado and add it on top of your bread, pour chimichurri on top of your veggie omelet, or even join it with your homemade hashbrowns. Although called a sauce, it's also a condiment, so play with your imagination.

Make enough chimichurri so it could last a whole week of breakfast, or if you prefer a simpler morning, see if you can take chimichurri to your other meals. It can be an interesting salad dressing or a spread for your turkey sandwich. To make the most out of it, get your parsley as fresh as possible and implement some storing tricks to keep the herbs bright green in your fridge. Use it when looking to elevate a meal and make sure to brag about it on your social media feed. Your friends and followers will thank you for the idea!