Dolly Parton's $230 Apple Pie Isn't A Scam, Actually

Just like Dolly Parton's own personality, every treat at the Dollywood theme park is larger than life. From footlong corn dogs to 12-pound pizzas, Dollywood has it all. And that's just the regular food! As for sweet treats, Dollywood's Spotlight Bakery offers ⅓ pound cookies, ½ pound muffins, and 25-pound apple pies.

Naturally, everyone is pulled in by the 25-pound apple pie. Not only is it massive in size, but this pie also comes with a hefty price tag. Customers can buy a slice for $19.99, or the entire pie for $229. Either way, you'll need a wagon to get the leftovers back to your car.

While $229 is arguably a lot of money to pay for an apple pie, one TikTok user put up a pretty good fight in the 25-pound pie's defense. As you might expect, it all comes down to cost per pound, ingredients, and the Dollywood experience itself.

Why the $230 Dollywood pie is worth the money

After one TikTok user shared a clip of the massive apple pie slice at Dollywood's Spotlight Bakery, the rest of TikTok collectively went wild. Several people insisted that the 25-pound pie was overpriced at $229, but most agreed that it was well worth it, as the price boils down to about $9.16 per pound. Furthermore, if you were to buy an entire pie, you also take home the cast iron pan, and we all know how pricey those can get.


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A pie of this size uses a lot of ingredients — notably 40-50 apples and a solid pound of butter per pie. That's more than $20 just in apples. Then, with butter getting more expensive due to inflation ... And don't even get us started on how long one of these takes to make, start to finish. Once you've accounted for ingredients, time, and effort, it's really no wonder these pies end up costing $229. That being said, if you're making a trip to Dollywood, it could very well be worth the splurge to pick up a pie as a souvenir.