You Can Find The Trendy Korean-Style Corn Dogs At Costco

Getting discounted groceries from America's favorite bulk food retailer is always a treat. It becomes even more of a treat when you find tasty meals and snacks at Costco that you can't get at your other local grocery stores. If you love international dishes, then walking up and down each aisle to see what's available can be a foodie's paradise. Grab a box of savory tonkatsu here, a slab of Norwegian smoked salmon there, and a freezer bag full of gamja hot dogs, of course. Unlike American corn dogs, this Asian snack is completely unique due to the various toppings and fillings you can include with the sausage before the deep frying process begins. It can also be filled with deliciously melty mozzarella cheese.

Gamja hot dogs, or Korean hot dogs, were thought to have appeared in the '80s and can be found in South Korean night markets as a street food delicacy. Instead of cornmeal batter, this Korean dish is typically covered in diced potatoes and fried in sweet rice flour dough, giving it a pleasantly crunchy exterior that texture lovers will especially enjoy. So instead of having your typical side of fries with your corn dog, on gamja hot dogs, the fries are just a part of the hot dog itself. You can also eat them coated with breadcrumbs, cornflakes, or even ramen noodles, dusted with sugar, and drizzled in sauces. Costco Canada has them in stock, and the U.S. could be next.

How to make these Korean-style corn dogs in your air fryer

Who wouldn't want salty, sweet, and savory flavors all wrapped up into one filling snack? The viral Korean hot dogs were seen in a TikTok video, and the comments range from very excited Canadians ready to try them, to Americans lamenting their Costco's lack of gamja dogs. Though, those who live in the States shouldn't feel too hopeless, because you can likely find them at your local Asian market or H Mart.


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At Costco Canada, a pack of eight Korean hot dogs is priced at $15.99, which equals $11.69 in U.S. dollars. These crispy delights come individually wrapped for convenience and are filled with mozzarella, ensuring each bite gives you a satisfyingly stretchy cheese pull. Grab your air fryer and set it to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius if you made it past the Canadian border), and in a short 12 minutes, they will have reached golden perfection. Why not give the Korean dish a nice drizzle of ketchup, mustard, or zesty chili sauce for an extra burst of flavor?