McDonald's Hilariously Goes After Customer Orders With One Simple Tweet

Have you ever been in the queue at McDonald's ready to order your usual 10-piece Chicken McNugget meal only to arrive at the front of the line with a temporary case of amnesia? Well, you're not alone. Despite having been to the golden arches dozens of times throughout their life (or more), social media users often poke fun at this frequently-occurring forgetfulness.

In fact, there's an ongoing meme phrase that McDonald's customers use to mock themselves when they forget their order. Instead of just simply reciting their order, they end up quipping "Can I get uhhh..." The phrase exploded across social media and McDonald's even joined in on the fun when it aired a 2022 Super Bowl commercial featuring dozens of customers reciting the absentminded expression.

The fast-food chain doubled down on its lighthearted taunting with a point-of-view meme posted to Twitter. The Tweet pokes fun at customers who stare off into the void as they recite their order on an internal loop to avoid muttering the dreaded phrase. The tongue-in-cheek tweet is simply a photo of a McDonald's floor with the caption, "pov: u are practicing ur order in line."

There's a reason why people forget their orders so often

Although the ongoing gag is downright hilarious and nothing to take personally, there's actually a scientific reason that people tend to forget their words when they reach the front of the line. Being in busy public spaces can trigger social anxiety for many people. According to Harvard, anxiety weakens your mind's concentration, memory, and ability to retain even basic and familiar information like a Mcdonald's menu.

If you're one of McDonald's more forgetful customers, don't worry, you're not alone. There were plenty of responses to the waggish Tweet that proved many customers experience this short bout of amnesia. One relatable customer responded to the tweet by saying, "It's fr a stressful moment." Another courteous customer added, "Bonus pts if you've let ppl go ahead of you while u decide."

So, what's your next Mcdonald's order? Let's practice together. For us, we'll have the uhh...