You Can Temporarily Buy 40-Piece McDonald's Chicken McNuggets For $10.99

Are you looking to win friends and influence people? Or maybe you'll be seeing Harry Styles on tour soon and are hoping to replicate the success of the anonymous concert goer who made history with her bad behavior? (PSA: Please, please, don't throw chicken nuggets at someone on stage). There are few things that will bring friends out the woodwork faster than a 40-piece box of Chicken McNuggets. These juicy, golden babies are fan favorites for a reason (and their special salt blend is just part of the magic). Now, for a limited time, you can get that super-sized portion of McNuggets for just $10.99.

The usual price of McNuggets varies across the nation, naturally, but the Golden Arches is locking in this discount deal at participating restaurants in states all over the USA, in honor of a special day. Did you forget? The McNugget is celebrating a milestone birthday: Born in 1983, the crispy-coated bite-sized morsel of chicken is turning 40 this year. And instead of a weekend in Vegas or a surprise party, the McNugget is getting treated to inflation lockdown. 

Where to find this discounted McNugget box

The newly-announced offer is available both in McDonald's restaurants and through the app, so you can take your coworkers out to lunch or bring the nuggets home to your family (your children will love you for it, whether or not they know they're actually made with meat). So far, lovers of Mickey D's have discovered the specially-priced nuggets in Illinois, Missouri, and North Carolina, and more spots are expected to crop up daily.

If you can't find this bargain in your area yet, don't despair: There are other McDonald's hacks and discounts to be found. But even if you have to splash out and pay full price for your 40-piece, you can take comfort in knowing that you're supporting the McNugget in its effort to age gracefully. Who knew, when the McNugget was first launched all those decades ago, that it would become the main food group for so many children across America, many of whom are all grown up now? For better or worse, the Chicken McNugget is part of our history, and that's something many of us are happy to celebrate — especially when it's this cheap.