TikTok Can't Get Enough Of Harry Styles' Reaction To Food Being Thrown On Stage At His Concert

He's done it again. Harry Styles has found yet another way to charm his followers, sparked by the most unlikely of incidents. Really, how does a grown man, dressed in a sequined polka-dotted jumpsuit, manage to sound like a mom and a dad all at once? This time, it's all thanks to a fan's misbehavior, which Styles used as a springboard for demonstrating his endearing humor and nonchalance. Plus, Styles managed to educate his many unwitting fans on his food preferences as well. 

Apparently, someone threw a bit of food onstage during one of Styles' recent concerts. Rather than just ignoring it or getting upset, Styles — ever the gentleman — preferred to pick the rubbish up off his stage (via TikTok). Upon retrieving the item, Styles asked semi-rhetorically, "Is that a chicken nugget?" After determining that it was decidedly so, he commented in a teasing voice, "Interesting. Very interesting approach," and inquired, mom-style, "Who threw the chicken nugget?"

After noticing another nugget on the stage, Styles exclaimed, "There's another chicken nugget!" He tossed one fried bit back to the crowd, and to the young voices chanting "Eat it, eat it!" as he held the second, Styles explained, "Sorry, I don't eat chicken. I don't eat meat."  No carne for Harry — how did you not know? (Spoiler: he's a sprouts fan, too.)

5-second rule needn't apply?

Even if Harry Styles weren't a pescatarian, there wasn't much allure to the nuggets, anyway. As he quipped, "First of all, this is cold, and I'm assuming very old." He stood poised with nugget No. 2 in his hand, seemingly unsure of what to do, but smiling in his disarming way, not appearing the least bit put out or bothered by it all. "Would you like it back?" he asked, and then queried incredulously, "Why?" Of course, as fans on TikTok have commented in response to the video: "Because you [touched] it Harry."

Styles then dutifully tossed the dirty nugget into the audience, immediately warning "Don't eat it!" with a dad's clear sense of where that nugget's been. When the food fell to the ground, Styles admonished in a slightly sterner tone, "Don't go looking for it — we'll get you another nugget. Fear not."

Fans have been loving Styles' reaction to the nuggets, with some pointing out how funny his tone was during the whole thing and dubbing him "such a mum." At the end of the day, it looks like there's one fan who'll have quite a chicken nugget keepsake — if they took Styles' advice and didn't eat it, that is. Let's hope this reward for their bad behavior doesn't catch on.