Mashed Survey: Which Item Does McDonald's Make Worse Than Anyone Else?

Not everyone can be masters of everything — a statement that rings especially true when restaurants attempt menu items that aren't their specialty. With last year's revenue rising above $23 billion, McDonald's is far from suffering when it comes to moving even the most unpopular product. Even so, the chain is known for its hamburgers, chicken McNuggets, and french fries, and it would be impossible for every single item on the McDonald's menu to match that level of iconic.

In an exclusive survey conducted by Mashed, readers revealed the food McDonald's fails at, so much that all other establishments are able to rise above it. Out of an impressive 22,000 votes, only 5% bashed the brand's french fries, while 11% weren't thrilled with its breakfast sandwiches. Tying for second and third place with 16% of votes are burgers and chicken nuggets, but the title of the worst-made product of its kind in the industry was chicken sandwiches, with 52% of votes. With an overwhelming lead, the losing item was clear, but the results prompted quite the discourse in the comments section anyway.

Most fans feel the chicken sandwiches are unimpressive

In a landslide victory, the chicken sandwiches at McDonald's won the title of the menu item that the chain does a worse job at compared to any other fast food joint (how much of a win is that really, though)? Once these results were in, McDonald's customers spent time either agreeing or disagreeing in the Mashed survey's comment section. "Honestly the McChicken has always been my favorite," one reader wrote. Another voiced a similar opinion: "Their chicken sandwiches are amazing for the price." But because the chicken sandwiches brought up the rear, there were plenty of consumers who expressed disdain for them. "McDonald's chicken sandwich is trash compared to competitors," wrote one strongly opinionated reader.

For at least a little while, McDonald's chicken sandwiches were increasing in popularity. During the 2019 chicken sandwich wars, spokespeople for the brand told Business Insider that chicken sandwich sales had risen tremendously over the year. If voters' opinions are ones to be believed, this popularity must have been short-lived. Additionally, if one brand was crowned the worst, another must be the best; In a past Mashed survey, 46.67% of readers said Chick-fil-A has the best fast food chicken sandwich. Popeyes came in second with 21.8% of votes, and KFC trailed in third at 11.35%.