The Best Bun To Stand Up To Soggy Burger Ingredients

It's easy to overlook the importance of a good bun when making hamburgers, but in reality, those two slices of bread may be the most crucial component of the dish. Think about it: If your bun is too soft, it can become a mushy mess that might have you reaching for a napkin before digging in. On the other hand, tougher bread not only makes it difficult to rip off a bite but can also leave you brushing crumbs off your shirt for the rest of the day. Size also needs to be considered, as a bun that is either too big or too small can completely throw off the delicate ratio of bread to meat to toppings.

You might want to take a little extra time at the grocery store when picking out the buns for your next batch of homemade hamburgers. However, with so many types of burger buns available, this may prove to be a more overwhelming task than it may seem — especially when burger master Bobby Flay's only advice is to look for a "squishy bun" (via Today). 

Fortunately, Disney World Executive Chef Dee Rolle offered a more specific answer when speaking to Insider about making the perfect burger. "With a golden sourdough bun, you still get all that good texture no matter what toppings, like Swiss cheese or mushrooms, or sauces you're using," Rolle said.

Why sourdough bread is the perfect burger bun choice

We hate to tell Ina Garten she's wrong, but it looks like the sourdough trend is far from over – or, at least, it isn't over in the burger world. According to Dee Rolle, who serves as the executive chef at The Edison restaurant at Disney Springs in Disney World, the pandemic favorite is the type of bread that will hold up best to a towering burger topped with even the soggiest of ingredients.

Rolle has a lot of support for her bun of choice, too. Sourdough is the right choice for your next hamburger because the bread's absorbency helps soak in additional liquid without compromising its denser structure, which will ensure the bun doesn't fall apart in your hands. Additionally, choosing sourdough adds extra flavor and texture to your meal, which you can further enhance by toasting your buns before assembly.

You can take other precautions if you're still worried about your burger buns falling victim to soggy toppings and patty drippings. Darnell Ferguson advises grillmasters to let cooked patties rest on a wire rack. "That way, all that moisture that is going to come out by nature doesn't come out and make your bottom bun soggy," said Ferguson. As another means of protection, Alton Brown suggests layering the bottom bun with something fatty like mayonnaise or an avocado spread to help repel any additional juices from seeping into the bun.