11 Fast Food Chains That Give Customers The Most Fries, Ranked

Sometimes, there's nothing better than stopping for lunch or dinner at your favorite fast-food burger place. It's quick, easy, and absolutely delicious. And whether you go for a classic burger, chicken tenders, a chicken sandwich, or a milkshake, we all know there's nothing better to pair with your order than crispy French fries fresh out of the fryer. Everyone has their own opinions on what makes the perfect French fry. Some prefer crisp and thin while others enjoy thick-cut, fluffy potatoes. And while most people love classic French fries, there are plenty who like curly or waffle variations better. But have you ever wondered where you can get the most fries in your order?

There's nothing quite like the disappointment of going to the drive-thru and resisting the tempting smell of fried food wafting from the bag on your way home, only to open up your order and find a sparsely-filled box of French fries. You can avoid that by opting for restaurants known for serving plenty of fries. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of some of the most popular fast-food restaurants to see how the fries stack up.

Steak n' Shake skinny shoestring fries aren't the best value

Steak n' Shake is ideal if you love super skinny shoestring fries. They're known for making the fries long and thin to go with the signature milkshakes, burgers, and patty melts. You can order a small for $2.29, a medium for $2.59, and a large for $3.09. That's a decent value — though there are cheaper options. While these skinny fries are excellent for dipping in a rich and creamy milkshake, you may run out before you finish your frozen dessert.

Because of the slender cut of the fries, you might assume that you get a lot more fries per container at Steak n' Shake. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be the case. Steak n' Shake has received poor feedback for underfilling the fry containers, with one customer taking photos of their half-filled fries and posting them to TripAdvisor. Any restaurant is sure to have the occasional bad review. However, this may be a pattern with Steak n' Shake fries. Other reviews on reddit had similar complaints, with one customer saying their orders from Steak n' Shake always skimp on fries and another wondering how they stay in business at all.

Popeye's offers a box full of seasoned fries

If you're at Popeye's for the classic chicken and want some fries on the side, that's one thing. But if you just want a big helping of delicious, sizzling French fries, this is not the place. One thing the fries do have going for them is flavor. They offer Cajun fries, which are seasoned with a delicious, lightly spicy blend. The downside is they aren't that crispy. They tend to be on the floppy and even soggy side. You can ask to have them well done, and they'll come a little crispier but still not as crisp as other fast food options. You also don't get that many fries per order. But, it is worth noting that the portion size from regular to large is about double, so you should get a lot more in a large order.

Some former fans of Popeye's have noticed a quality decrease in the past couple of years. One customer posed the question of why it seemed the food had gotten worse since COVID-19 in an online forum. A commenter answered theorizing, "I believe it is in how the employees are trained to cook the food. You can have the very same ingredients, but the preparation, presentation, and quality depend on how you were trained to cook the food."

Chick-fil-A serves hefty, but under-filled fries

Chick-fil-A is a great option for anyone who likes a less traditional fry. The waffle fries have a signature shape that sets them apart from competitors. To make the waffle fries we all know and love, they are pre-cut with the skin on, then frozen and sent to the stores where they're fried for two minutes before serving. The large-cut fries have a more natural potato flavor than a lot of other options.

But you may not get as many individual fries in your order as in other places. Because of the waffle fries' distinct size and shape, not as many waffle fries fit in a box. And if your local Chick-fil-A isn't careful about filling the box to the top, you may only have a few to go with your crispy chicken sandwich. While a large box could fit plenty of waffle fries, along with some extra to share, they're often underfilled. One Reddit user ordered three large waffle fries and took a photo to show the three partially filled containers. However, this likely isn't done purposefully and is more likely a result of fast food workers being rushed and the waffle fry shape not falling easily into the container. One commenter on the Reddit thread, who claimed to be a Chick-fil-A employee, said if you notice your fries are underfilled, they'll typically give you more or a small fry for free.

You'll need to order large for enough fries at Dairy Queen

Although Dairy Queen is best known for its soft-serve ice cream, Blizzards, and other frozen treats, other standard fast food offerings like burgers, chicken, and fries are also available on its menu. Dairy Queen offers its medium-cut French fries in kids, regular and large sizes. However, if you want enough to go with an adult meal, you'll likely want to opt for the large fries over the regular. A regular fries order from Dairy Queen comes in at 114 grams, which is less than mediums at many other restaurants. The large order should be 186 grams, which is much more reasonable.

Unfortunately, Dairy Queen is still far from the first choice for fries. One Redditor shared their disappointment with their Dairy Queen order. They posted a photo of the small portion of fries they received with their large order and complained they could have gotten more with a McDonald's value meal. Another user commented on the thread, saying that the fries are "terrible to begin with." But the quality of the fries is up for debate. On another Reddit thread discussing DQ's food, a few users listed the fries as their favorite menu item.

Wendy's offers affordable, real potato fries

Though Wendy's fries aren't as well-loved as McDonald's, according to Wendy's, they are the better choice. A Wendy's ad campaign made the bold claim that people prefer Wendy's fries to McDonald's 2:1. When The Takeout reached out to Wendy's about this statement, a brand representative told them, "the 2:1 statistic taste preference is based on a national taste test done by an independent research company." However, not much else was shared about the study, so it's hard to know what some of the other variables may have been. But we do know that since Wendy's released new hot and crispy fries in 2021, they've become a bigger player in the potato world. Its fries are thicker cut and sturdier than McDonald's, so if you prefer a firm fry, Wendy's may be the place for you.

However, as far as getting as many fries as possible, Wendy's isn't the first choice. The thicker cut means fewer fries fit in each carton, and buying a large one may not give you that much more to work with. A TikTok video shared by an alleged Wendy's employee, Jeremiah Pha, showed how the same amount of fries could fit in a Wendy's small, medium, and large fry container. Because the containers thin out at the bottom, the large and medium containers still appear relatively full while not holding any more fries than the small container.

Arby's curly fries offer more potato per fry

If you're looking for something a little more outside the box with your fry order, then Arby's is the place to go. The sandwich chain is well-known for its flavorful curly fries. And while you might not get as many per container with this order, they often come in long, tasty coils, so you get more potato per fry. Arby's has perfected its curly fry over the years to make them fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside and finish them off with a tasty seasoning. The curly potato fries are prepared in a flavorful batter made with garlic, onion, salt, and a few other spices before they're frozen and sent to local Arby's locations for you to enjoy.

Arby's is the best place to go if you love curly fries. But keep in mind you'll get fewer, larger fries as opposed to getting a box overflowing with plentiful shoestring fries. When it comes to getting the most fries for your buck, a reviewer took the time to weigh the contents of a small, medium, and large curly fry order. The small came in at 3.8 oz. (107.7 grams) for $1.69. The medium was 5.2 oz. (147.4 grams) for $2.49. And the large was 5.7 oz. (161.6 grams) for $2.79. With those prices, the medium is the best value order.

Burger King might not be your best fry option

Although Burger King is well-known for popular menu items like the Whopper, Double Whopper, and Bacon Jr., it's less famous for its fries. BK fries are good, but not great. They aren't too soggy or flimsy, but they also aren't super flavorful. While the fries make a good side to your favorite burger, especially when enjoyed with ketchup, they aren't much of a standout on their own. A typical medium French fry order comes in at 153 grams, which is a decent amount, and you can get that for a little over $2.

But, many consumers have complained about the quality of Burger King's fries. One customer asked, "Why can't Burger King seem to get their French fries right?" Another user gave their input, saying, "Their fries have always been sort of limp, not the best. They're not the least bit crisp on the outside ... As it stands, they seem obsessed with creating strange burger toppings and leaving everything else alone, in my perception. They're not my favorite fast food by a long shot." However, some reviewers argued that they enjoy Burger King fries, so it all depends on personal taste and the chain's location.

KFC offers large portions of secret recipe fries

KFC is probably not the first fast food joint you think of when it comes to fries. And that makes sense, seeing as the chain never offered them in the U.S. until introducing "secret recipe" fries to the menu in 2019. The secret is in the fry's distinct and familiar flavor. If you're a fan of KFC's chicken, you'll probably love the fries too because they use the same seasoning to flavor the spuds. The chicken-flavored fries were quite popular when they hit the menu, with one Twitter review stating, "Fries kfc > fries mcd. Don't fight me." Of course, not everyone was happy to see the swap from wedge to fry, but they seem to be successful for the most part.

As far as serving sizes, KFC is also a great option. The fries are thicker cut than some brands, so you won't get as many individual pieces, but you should get a good amount of potatoes in the large option. The only problem is pricing. While you get a fair amount of tasty French fries in a large, it will cost you around $5 depending on your location. That is quite steep, especially when compared to other fast-food chains.

McDonald's is usually a solid choice

McDonald's is famous for its fries, and with good reason. They are wonderfully salty, crisp, and fluffy. There's a secret ingredient to make these iconic fries what they are. McDonald's uses a combination of salt, fat, and sugar to flavor them. You might not expect sugar to be an ingredient in this salty snack, but a small amount makes the savory potatoes even better and keeps customers coming back for more. Patrons should be able to get a good portion of those delicious fries when they order a large from McDonald's. One news channel in the UK tested a couple of McDonald's locations and found they got between 86 and 100 fries for a large order. And though menu prices vary by region, a large fry will usually cost you a little under $2.

That's all excellent in theory, but recently some customers have been complaining that they receive their fry orders half full. On a thread discussing the lack of fries, one customer wrote, "I remember when the surplus fries in the bottom of the bag — because the carton was overflowing — was always the end-of-take-out treat. Now, you think you have another 20% of the fries left to go and it's suddenly empty." So, it may depend on the location and time of day if you get a box overflowing with tasty fries.

Smashburger offers lots of fries and other side options

When it comes to getting as many fries as possible, Smashburger is one of the best places to go! You're usually going to get plenty of French fries to munch on while you finish your entree, along with some extra to polish off after. This burger joint offers a few different fry options, including classic crispy French fries, sweet potato fries, and "smash fries." The smash fries are similar to the classic crispy fries but tossed in rosemary, garlic, and olive oil for extra flavor. The fries are cut thin, cooked crispy, and typically filled to the top.

One food reviewer, Dub Zero, posted a Youtube video ordering from Smashburger and reacting for the first time. His fries were crispy and filled to the top of the container. He told the camera that he definitely recommended getting the smashfries instead of regular crispy fries. "I don't know what they do to them or what they put on them, but they're good," he said. As far as prices, the regular French fries are $2.99 for a large, and the smash fries are $3.19 for a large (prices may vary based on location). So, they are a bit more pricey but potentially worth it if you want something different than the typical French fry flavor — and a bag of fries more likely to be full.

Go to Five Guys for the most fries!

Five Guys have earned a reputation for giving loads of fries in every order. So, if you're really craving salty, crispy, hand-cut French fries, this is the place to be. While speaking to Food Republic, Chad Murrell (one of the founder's five sons) said the reason its fries stand out is that they don't just see them as a side dish or afterthought to go with the burgers. "They're our passion," he said. Because of this, Five Guys follows a careful formula, including blanching the potatoes and frying them in peanut oil. After cooking the hand-cut fries to golden-brown perfection, employees make sure to pack orders with enough to go around.

In fact, Five Guys offer so many French fries that you can save money by ordering smaller than you would at other fast food restaurants. In a TikTok video (via Delish), a Five Guys employee explained that the fries are made for more than one person. "Our small fry feeds one to two people, our regular fry feeds two to four people, and our large fry feeds four to six people," he explained. "So, if I see two people coming in, I'd tell them to get a little fry to help them save some money." Five Guys fries are more expensive, with the large coming in at $5.79, but you get a lot for that price, and you can always opt for the small and still have enough.