Culver's New Smokehouse BBQ Cheddar Is Hitting Menus For A Limited Time

Culver's custard is definitely something to write home about, but the Wisconsin-based chain is known for more than just its creamy desserts. The fast-food restaurant is also known for its savory offerings of burgers, sandwiches, and classic plates, and a new flavor combination was just announced in a press release. While tasty and dependable, the flavor profiles Culver's typically offers are pretty simple. Chicken sandwiches come crispy or grilled with lettuce, tomato, and pickles. The signature Culver's Butterburger, made with a griddled, buttered, bun, has the usual fixings with only a mushroom Swiss burger or a couple of different patty melts as options if you are looking for something different.

The smokehouse BBQ cheddar set-up definitely spices things up. But wait, it gets better. This flavor combination will not just be available for burgers. Culver's fans also have the option to make their crispy chicken sandwich smokehouse BBQ cheddar style.

What will Culver's new smokehouse BBQ cheddar taste like?

The flavor combination was specially formulated to pair well with both beef and chicken, so Culver's customers start by choosing their adventure. The protein gets layered with sharp cheddar cheese, onion rings, dill pickle chips, mayonnaise, and of course, sweet and smoky BBQ sauce. The burger or chicken sandwich would probably be pretty tasty as is, but Culver's is taking it one step further. Smokehouse BBQ cheddar sandwiches will also be served on a cheddar bun. Apparently, pieces of real cheddar cheese will be baked all through the bun.

Fortunately for Culver's fans with a sweet and savory craving, the smokehouse BBQ cheddar offerings are going to be around for a little while even though they won't be permanent fixtures on the menu. Customers can go to Culver's locations across the United States from April 10 through June 11 to try out the new tastes.