Hello Kitty's 99 Cent Store Wine And Sake Is Giving Elegance

There are few out there who wouldn't recognize one of pop culture's most beloved and well-known characters: Sanrio's Hello Kitty. Together with her iconic red bow and troupe of equally cute cartoon friends, she's been plastered on everything from notebooks and lunchboxes to clothes and accessories ever since she was first created in 1974. Though, some fans may not realize that, outside of her kawaii merchandise and media, she's got her own boozy line of wine and sake — after all, Hello Kitty is around 50 years old. The fanbase that grew up with her and throughout her resurgence in popularity in the 90s are all above the legal drinking age now, too. She's worked hard; we think she deserves an adult beverage.


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In 2009, Sanrio released a collection of Hello Kitty wines in an effort to market to an aged-up audience. Pinot grigio, "sweet pink" sparkling rosé, prosecco, and an award-winning pinot noir have been some of the most enjoyed varieties the company has released, which were created by Italy's Torti Winery. The newest additions to the collection are a bold cabernet sauvignon and a sweet, pink Nigori sake that have been popping up in dollar stores and 99 Cent Stores across the country. They've become quite the hit on TikTok, and some chefs are even using the brand's red wine in their home cooking. Sporting elegant gold labels and simplistic designs, the bottles are as eye-catching as they are intriguing.

How do Hello Kitty's new red wine and sake actually taste?

There are lots of tricks you can try to save bad-tasting wine. However, there are also times where, no matter what you attempt to pair with it, your palette does a hard pass. In the case of Hello Kitty's new cabernet, the listed flavor notes are exactly what you'd expect a Hello Kitty wine to embody and seems too lovely to reject. Expect flavors like "black raspberry crumble, vanilla, and cocoa, with notes of black cherries and sugar plums" to make their presence known as you're sipping this type of red wine (via Keg N Bottle). If that doesn't scream "Hello Kitty," we're not sure what does.

Although, if you'd prefer to cook this wine into your next dish, take a note out of Mythical Kitchen's recipe book. Chef Josh Scherer used it in a recent cooking challenge video, pitting it against a wine from Whole Foods. The meal made with the 99 Cent Store Hello Kitty wine ended up winning the taste test in the end, so there's some promise there.

The new Hello Kitty sake, which you can also find at the 99 Cent Store, is described as having a smooth and naturally sweet taste. Though, many TikTok comments say that even if it's too strong for them, they're happy to use the bottle as a nice piece of home décor. We're glad Hello Kitty is still finding ways to serve up cuteness.