The One Tea Brand Florence Pugh Can't Go Without

You may be unable to tell by her performances in films like "Don't Worry Darling" and "Midsommar," but Florence Pugh isn't American; she actually hails from across the pond. Yes, that's right. The Oscar-nominated actor is, in fact, a born and bred Brit who happens to have an affinity for a good cup of tea. But not just any old tea bag will do for the star. Just like many of us might have a preferred coffee shop to get our morning java from, when Pugh is craving a cuppa, she reaches for Yorkshire Tea, one of the most popular brands in the U.K.

A few years back, Pugh shared her history with Yorkshire Tea on Instagram while celebrating being gifted a special box of "Florence's Tea" from the brand. "I've been drinking @yorkshiretea since I was 8 and always carry a travel stash in my rucksacks," the actor revealed in a post. "I remember my grandad revealing a large stash of Yorkshire gold in his pantry and saying 'we drink Yorkshire.' Done. Educated," she added. And now, we are educated, too.

How Florence Pugh makes her perfect cup of Yorkshire Tea

Florence Pugh is hardly the only person in Hollywood with a love for Yorkshire Tea. According to the Financial Times, Sigourney Weaver, Russell Crowe, and Madonna have enjoyed it, too. So does rocker Ozzy Osbourne, per However, despite these celebs sharing a common fondness for the brand, they might not all agree with how Pugh makes a cup for herself, which she recently detailed in a TikTok interview with BuzzFeed U.K.

"Boil the kettle ... tea bag in the bottom, pour the hot water up maybe like an inch from the top," the "Cooking with Flo" hot explained before sharing the first slightly controversial step she takes in the routine. "I do a bit of a stirry stirry first. Most people will say let it brew, but I do a bit of a stirry stirry first and then I let it brew," she said. Next comes the oat milk, which Pugh shakes up to get it "nice and creamy" before pouring it into her cup and doing an extra stir to thicken up the drink. Finally, before taking a sip, the actor commits another controversial tea-making act: squeezing her tea bag.

Apparently, Pugh's sister says squeezing tea bags is something you shouldn't do. However, imagine that there are plenty of people out there who might say, "If it works for Florence Pugh, it works for us."