The Jiffy Cornbread Dupe You Can Find At Aldi

One of the ways Aldi keeps its prices on the low side is by limiting its product range and favoring store brands, but the store does carry a certain number of name-brand items. One of these, Jiffy cornbread mix, is something that many shoppers may have come to depend on. After all, this stuff is super-versatile. Not only can you use it to make cornbread or corn muffins, but with a few tweaks and add-ins it can be turned into anything from corn casserole to homemade tamale pie.

While Jiffy corn muffin mix is still listed on Aldi's website, sometimes locating these items in stores can be a bit of a hit-or-miss experience. Aldi does not seem to make a generic cornbread mix, but one Redditor posted on r/aldi to announce their new find: Martha White cornbread mix, which is another item that Aldi lists among its regular name-brand offerings. Well, new to them, perhaps. Martha White (who was a real person before lending her name to a company) has been in the mix-making business since 1899, while those upstarts at Jiffy have only been around since 1901.

Martha White cornbread mix garners mixed reviews

Despite its lengthy pedigree, Martha White mixes seem to have less name recognition than ones made by Jiffy, leading one person commenting on the Reddit post to call the cornbread mix a "substitute." Another person spoke of their relief to see "the good stuff" (Jiffy, one presumes) back on the shelves at their local Aldi, while some of those who tried the Martha White mix did not find it to their liking. They complained that the flavor and texture weren't what they were used to, while one person who purchased the unsweetened variety found the resulting cornbread to be inedible.

Martha White cornbread mix does have its fans, though. One Redditor called it "the best," while another noted that a corn casserole baked with this mix was just as good as one made with Jiffy. For a larger sample size, we checked Amazon and found that 92% of people who'd purchased Martha White sweet yellow cornbread and muffin mix (the same variety shown on Reddit) awarded it a five-star rating. Aldi seems to be selling it for under a buck in some locations, so we'd say at that price it's probably worth giving it a try.