The Gas Station Cup Holder Trick Is What Legends Are Made Of

If you don't have a buddy to assist and have your hands full, carrying two beverages simultaneously out of a gas station can be a complete disaster. We just hope that you didn't grab any of the gas station drinks you should avoid. First, you have to open the store's door, then, you have to unlock your car and open its door — all while hoping you don't spill your drinks. One gas station employee understands the struggle, so she allowed a TikTok user to film her showing off a trick that keeps one hand free.


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In the video, the gas station attendant set one fountain drink to one side of an empty, flat grocery bag. She then pulled up the handle, wrapping the plastic firmly around the beverage. Next, she continued by doing the same thing with another beverage before lifting up both handles to create a cup holder that can be carried using just one hand. 

Most TikTok commenters applauded and thanked the lady who taught the trick, as with two drinks and only two hands, this will surely get some users out of a jam. But what about those fast food beverages that come in cardboard holders? They can't always be transferred to a cup holder, as they come in 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch, and even adjustable sizes. This means sometimes, your car's holder might be too small.

There's a simple trick for fast food cup holders, as well

While ordering multiple drinks in a drive-thru, you'll likely get a cardboard cup holder to keep them in place. If your car isn't equipped with enough drink holders, or ones that are too small, this can be a suitable way to transport drinks home while going on a solo run. However, because car seats are slanted, keeping the contents from spilling from the cups can be a nightmare, especially when handling curves.

One TikTok user shared a trick so simple you'll be mad you didn't think of it yourself. Instead of removing each beverage from its slot, he places the cardboard holder, with drinks included, in his car's cup holder. This enables the other side of the cardboard holder to hang over the passenger seat.


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If you're environmentally conscious, you might feel uncomfortable asking for one of these holders. Luckily, you can easily get multiple uses out of them. One of the best purposes is to hold onto the piece for the next time you need one. This way, you can even solve the gas station cup problem, as you have somewhere to transfer cups so they don't spill over in the grocery bag.