The Viral Garlic Bread Trend That's Telling You Miso Is A Must

Do you ever have garlic bread on the brain? It's so easy to prepare, you might just be tempted to make it on a whim whenever you think about the savory goodness you could be having. Bread, garlic, butter, and sometimes cheese are all it really takes to make this zesty side dish or appetizer happen. Maybe you've reached a point where you'd like to bestow a little more oomph to a one-dimensional recipe, or perhaps you've got some store-bought garlic bread that needs to be jazzed up a little.

To elevate your garlic bread, you're going to need shallots, red pepper flakes, and miso. While it may sound like a strange combination to some, adding this touch of heat and umami to your garlic bread might just give it the complexity your taste buds are searching for. Lucie, a home chef and creator of some truly mouthwatering recipes on TikTok, shared this viral garlic bread hack to her account, @butt.erhand.

For this recipe, the shallots need to be roasted first to bring out their unique flavors. If you've never had them before, shallots taste sweeter than normal onions and have garlic undertones. Because they contain more sugar, they begin to caramelize once they are cooked and add a layer of richness to sauces. When mixed with the miso and spices, you're left with a spread that soaks into your garlic bread as it bakes. There's even a surprise topping Lucie uses to finish off her savory creation.

Make the garlicky spread with a food processor for a smooth blend

So you've decided to skip out on premade or frozen garlic bread and turn up the creativity in the kitchen. Excellent choice. Once all your ingredients are gathered, chop the tops of your shallots and garlic off before adding olive oil and seasoning with salt and pepper. The magic of the caramelization process needs to happen in your oven at 350 Fahrenheit for an hour, and you can watch Lucie's tasty TikTok recipe to see her foil-wrapping method in action.

If you've got a food processor, this helpful kitchen gadget will be your best friend when it comes to blending the miso, butter, red pepper flakes, and roasted alliums to perfection. Be sure to keep your oven at the same temperature for the next step in the recipe. Once you've got your loaves buttered with your homemade blend, it's time to coat your bread in loads of cheese. Use whatever cheese you'd like, but if you're unsure which to choose, you can never go wrong with Parmesan and mozzarella. In just 15 minutes, your roasted shallot, miso-flavored garlic bread should be golden and almost ready for devouring.

For the final step, the home chef drizzles honey on top of the melty cheese, as well as bits of parsley. The top comment on the video reads, "So this is love," and we couldn't agree more. Taking the time to enhance your favorite recipes with a touch of culinary ingenuity can be a real game changer.