The McDonald's Ice Cream Hack That Turns Its Cones Into Sundaes

One quick search for "McDonald's hacks" and you'll find thousands of results on everything from getting a Big Mac for half price to scoring the freshest fries. While there are plenty of hacks for the savory side of the menu, everyone knows no meal is complete without dessert, and that's where the sweet hacks come in handy. The dessert items at McDonald's vary widely depending on which country you are in, but the chain's vanilla soft serve seems to make an appearance on most menus. While it may be one of the more plain or basic items you can order, true fans are finding ways to make the vanilla soft serve anything but boring.

Thanks to a TikTok video from @cammyazam, fans of the ice cream know of a new creation. In the video, a customer orders four ice cream cones and turns them upside down on a tray. The cones are crushed up with a spoon, creating an ice cream cone sundae. The video took place in a Bangkok, Thailand McDonald's, though it could presumably be ordered at any location that sells vanilla soft serve cones. Users were quick to flood the video with comments, with most just shocked that the ice cream machines weren't broken.

Ice cream hacks abound

Some users shared that the dessert looked good, but many questioned the hack, wondering if it may be why the ice cream machines are breaking. One person wrote, "I tried doing it but it ran out cause like everyone is doing it." Another shared an addition to the hack to make it more like an ice cream sundae. After the cones are ordered, ask for caramel or chocolate drizzle to complete the order. If you find yourself at McDonald's with a working ice cream machine, this is hardly the only ice cream hack that has been shared.


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One of the more well-known hacks people can do with a McDonald's cone is making an ice cream float. The original hack was for a Coke float, where a cone was placed upside down into an ice-cold Coca-Cola. Obviously, this can work with your soft drink or beverage of choice. For those who want to create another mashup, some customers have ordered two McDonald's chocolate chip cookies and a vanilla soft serve cone to make their own ice cream sandwich. The possibilities for ice cream desserts are as endless as your creativity.