The Grocery Store With The Cheapest Eggs Isn't That Surprising

Although in general egg prices may finally be going down, not every region has taken note. As of February 2023, eggs were still priced at more than $9 per dozen in Hawaii and $6 per dozen in Florida. However, the likes of Missouri and Iowa have dropped their egg prices to under $4.50 a dozen.

That being said, regardless of what region you live in, some stores sell eggs at a lower price than others. To no one's surprise, the cheapest place to buy cage-free eggs nationwide is Costco, where a carton of two dozen eggs sells for approximately $5.99. That's basically $2.99 per dozen, compared to Trader Joe's $3.49 and Aldi's $3.65.

As for other grocery stores, Walmart sells cage-free eggs for $3.73 per dozen; Target for $3.49 per dozen; and, a hidden treasure, Meijer, for $2.89 per dozen. Of course, 123 of Meijer's 265 stores are in Michigan, so this deal doesn't work for everyone; but, if you live in the Midwest, stock up.

What to do once you've stocked up on cheap eggs

We don't recommend buying out your favorite grocery store's egg supply, mostly because that's rude to other customers, but also because eggs don't last forever. According to the USDA, eggs can be safely refrigerated for three to five weeks, so don't buy more than you think you or your family can eat within that time frame.

As for soft- and hard-boiled eggs, their shelf life is surprisingly much shorter. Soft-boiled eggs keep in the fridge for about two days, while hard-boiled eggs are good for up to a week if left in their shells. Any type of egg you keep in the fridge should be kept in the coldest area, not the door.

What about freezing eggs? Per the FDA, you can store eggs in the freezer for up to a year, but you should never freeze eggs in their shells, as the shells can crack and allow bacterial contamination. Instead, if you really want to freeze eggs, crack 'em open and pour the yolks and whites into an ice cube tray. Seal the tray, date it, and stash it away for future use.