Are Canned Truffles A Worthy Alternative To Fresh?

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Most people know that fresh truffles are one of the most expensive delicacies, their high price driven by how difficult they are to cultivate. While they can cost thousands of dollars, truffles only last a few days. For those who want their truffles to last longer and a cheaper option, canned truffles offer a worthy alternative. A number of companies sell canned truffles online that can be shipped right to your door.

Fresh truffles can quickly drain one's finances. For instance, the white truffle retails on the market for anywhere between $1,500 to $4,000 per pound. In fact, according to Truffle Farm, the most expensive white truffle ever sold went for $484,000 per pound. Fortunately, canned truffles offer a much cheaper option. The average cost of the cheapest canned truffles is $35, although depending on the type of truffle they can range anywhere from $20-$50 and beyond. In addition, you can usually buy preserved truffles year around. 

Truffles that are made to last

Like many things that grow in nature, each variant of truffle has its own season. For instance, black truffles can usually be found during the peak months of January and February. In comparison, canned truffles are much more readily available, and they also last a lot longer than fresh truffles as well. According to Gourmet Food Store, preserved truffles typically last one to two years. 

Canned truffles can be preserved in several ways — either whole or sliced, with or without oil. If your truffles were stored in oil, this extra concoction can also amp your meal up a notch. In fact, gastronomy products company La Halle Des Gourmets contends that using proper cooking techniques and recipes with canned truffles can yield flavor on par with fresh ones. 

When preserved naturally, canned truffles do not contain any additional additives. Therefore, they also have the same health benefits as fresh truffles, providing a valuable source of protein, fiber, carbs, and minerals, and are rich in antioxidants that can help reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease (via Healthline). While eating fresh truffles might be ideal, canned truffles offer the option of experiencing the singular aroma and taste of a truffle year-round.