The Unexpected Kitchen Gadget You Should Use For Easily Spreadable Butter

We've all experienced the struggle that is trying to spread cold butter on toast. It just doesn't work. Naturally, being the inventive creatures humans are, we've come up with plenty of ways to work around this, from electric butter dishes to $30 heated butter knives.

That being said, you don't need to go out and buy a butter-specific product to solve this problem, as you can accomplish the same thing with a sieve. Delish UK recently demonstrated in a TikTok how even the coldest of butter is no match for a metal sieve if you know how to wield it. According to the TikTok, all you have to do is move the bottom of your sieve back and forth over a stick of salted or unsalted butter while little curls of spreadable butter collect in the sieve. You can then use a regular butter knife to apply the butter where desired. Yes, it's really that easy.

Other ways to break up cold butter for easy spreading

Though we can't deny that using a sieve for butter is a good hack, several TikTok users commented that the resulting mess would be a nightmare. However, the cleaning process doesn't have to be difficult. For instance, just as you can use a lemon to clean a cheese grater, you can use a lemon as your first line of defense against the oily residue butter leaves behind in your sieve. You can then let the sieve soak in hot, soapy water, and if necessary, you can tackle any remaining grime with a stainless steel brush. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.


Rock-hard butter? No problemo. This easy hack will make it as soft and spreadable as you like in moments! #butterboard #butterhacks #kitchenhacks

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Other tricks for spreading cold butter on toast involve using a cheese grater or a garlic press. These common kitchen tools accomplish a similar task to that of the sieve — breaking up the butter into pieces small enough to melt. TikTok also changed the toast-buttering game with a hack using a veggie peeler on a stick of butter. Whichever tool you decide to use, just be sure to watch your fingers!