The Aldi Frozen Meal That Will Save You From Your Cooking Rut

We've all been there. You drive home after a long, hectic day at work, languish through rush hour traffic, and by the time you arrive home, you are too exhausted to even think about cooking a meal from scratch. Or maybe you don't have time to leave the office for lunch and require something quick and hearty that you can heat up in the break room microwave, eating at your desk so you have some sustenance to power through the rest of the day.

Aldi shoppers say there's a frozen meal for exactly these occasions: the Whole & Simple brand Southwestern-style chicken quinoa bowl. In addition to chicken and quinoa, the single-serving meal features brown rice, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, black beans, and corn. A nutritious and filling meal that is packed with veggies and 17 grams of both plant- and animal-based protein, it can be microwaved in under five minutes for those with little time to eat.

Shoppers say these bowls make 'clutch lunches'

One popular aspect of Aldi's Southwestern-style chicken quinoa bowl is its price point of $3, allowing people to stock up on a work week's worth of lunches for a total of $15. Nutrition-wise, dieting resource Fooducate gives the product a "B," or better than average health score, for being a source of iron, fiber, protein, and manganese. The chicken in the product also does not contain any added hormones and is made without antibiotics.

OK, all great things, but how does it taste? Users on the subreddit r/Aldi have voiced their approval. One Redditor who posted a picture of the item called it "absolutely amazing," while another described the bowl as "very flavorful, with plenty of chicken and veggies and just the right amount of heat." A third commenter touted both the Southwestern and Mediterranean-style — which has spinach, bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and brown rice instead of quinoa — chicken bowls from Aldi as "clutch lunches."