What Exactly Is Bread Cheese And How Are You Supposed To Eat It?

Bread and cheese: two beloved foods that have satisfied cravings around the globe for millennia. And when the two are seemingly combined? Pure genius. Bread cheese, also known as juustoleipä, is a Finnish product that is as iconic as saunas and scissors. Bread cheese got its name because it resembles the carb-rich food synonymous with sandwiches, toast, and pre-dinner starters. If you're a fan of a classic grilled cheese sandwich and you're trying to cut back on carbs or gluten, for instance, this may just be your new favorite fromage.

Traditionally made from cow, goat, or reindeer milk, the Scandinavian cheese's unique texture is often described as chewy, firm, and buttery. It tastes great eaten cold or at room temperature, but when bread cheese is baked in the oven, deep fried, heated over a skillet, or tossed on the grill, it forms a signature golden crust and gooey, creamy center and emits a salty-sweet, savory aroma — all while retaining its original shape, in a similar fashion to halloumi. Some folks swear by dipping it in coffee, too!

Bread cheese has a history as rich as its flavor

The origins of bread cheese can be traced back to the Nordic countries, according to Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. The cheese was traditionally made by heating milk until it curdled, then pushing it through a cheesecloth to form a firm block. This block was then cooked in a special oven until the sugars on the outside were caramelized.

Bread cheese has become an indulgence worth sinking one's teeth into. Today, bread cheese is used in various ways throughout the culinary world. It can be grated over pizzas or salads or eaten as part of a no-fuss charcuterie board. Plenty of people also love dunking it into some warm marinara sauce for a nostalgia-inducing treat reminiscent of an all-time favorite hors d'oeuvre, mozzarella sticks.

Bread cheese's nutty flavor pairs well with other ingredients such as bacon, veggies, fruits, and a drizzle of honey. It's also considered an excellent choice for vegetarians since it provides an ample protein source without the meat. No matter how you slice it, bread cheese's versatility makes it a tasty and satisfying addition to any meal.