Kellogg's Debuts An ICEE-Flavored Cereal – And We're Not Sure How To Feel

If you grew up in America, a lot of your childhood mornings probably involved a bowl of colorful, sugar-filled cereal. Captain Crunch, Trix, Lucky Charms, the one with the Dracula-looking guy — there were and are a massive number of cereals out there. We all had our favorites growing up, and some cereals were more popular than others. But there are plenty more to come: Cereal giant Kellogg's, which makes billions of dollars in revenue from cereal alone, hasn't stopped finding new ways to tantalize our taste buds.

Enter ICEE, the slush drink, not to be confused with its ultimate nemesis, the Slurpee. Kellogg's and ICEE have announced a brand-new cereal that supposedly tastes just like, well, yeah, an ICEE. This sounds quite interesting, seeing as a frozen drink and cereal don't normally mix. According to the Vice President of Marketing at The ICEE Co., Natalie Peterson, "This fun combination is just right for anyone who wants to feel like a kid." 

Luckily, the new cereal will already be hitting stores this April. With cherry and blue raspberry flavors just like the drinks, the most exciting part of this announcement is that the companies say they replicated "that familiar and refreshing first sip of an ICEE" using a new kind of ingredient in the cereal to create a frozen, cold sensation in your mouth. Just what we want at 8 a.m. on a Thursday!

Will the milk be blue?

We're very intrigued by this new collaboration, to say the least. ICEEs are tasty on their own and can usually be found at your local ice rink or gas station, while Kellogg's cereals dominate the entire breakfast aisle at your local grocery store. So, we never would have thought these two companies would join forces to conquer our collective early morning palates. But really, we want to know about that milk. As any cereal connoisseur knows, only the best cereals can make milk so much more than a conduit for cereal goodness. Worthy cereals infuse the milk with flavor, making it sweet and perhaps even changing its color in the process.

Here's hoping this ICEE cereal's milk turns a nice shade of sugary, berry blue or maybe even a sophisticated purple. With an 8.3-ounce box and a 13.2-ounce box retailing for $5.29 and $6.49, respectively, you won't have to wait long to find out. Still, though this fancy new slushy-flavored cereal might be the new thing on the block, sometimes a classic bowl of Frosted Flakes is all you really need.