The Fruit That Ariana Grande Can't Get Enough Of

A vegan for 10 years, popstar Ariana Grande typically sticks to the basics when dining out. For the "Thank You, Next," singer, this means "veggies, fruit, and salad," she revealed to Mirror. " ... then when I get home I'll have something else." If you were to ever visit Grande's house, you'd first be blown away by the various trophies and awards — but after that, you might come to recognize berries as a kitchen staple. In a since-deleted tweet from the "Wicked" actress, she confessed what berry she enjoys the most. "I've had at least five strawberries a day since I can remember. They're my favorite food," (per Women's Health). She's also a fan of blueberries, having shared a photo of them to Instagram with the caption, "blueberry bosses," in 2015.

The health-conscious star prefers a unique style of vegan food, as revealed to Glamour by her trainer Harley Pasternak. "She loves daikon, lotus, adzuki beans — almost like a macrobiotic Japanese [diet]," she said. However, fruit finds its way back into her routine when smoothies are in question.

Ariana Grande also enjoys fruit smoothies

In general, Ariana Grande follows a pretty healthy lifestyle, so enjoying a sugar-packed smoothie from time to time isn't something trainer Harley Pasternak frowns upon. "She makes a lot of my smoothies, so for the body-reset smoothies she'll make the white smoothie, red smoothie, and green smoothie," Pasternak said to PopSugar.

Revealed in her book "The Body Reset Diet," Pasternak's smoothie plan is to be enjoyed for five days, three times per day. The white smoothies, which are reserved for the morning, should be loaded with vitamin D and calcium, and her lunchtime red smoothie helps boost antioxidants. At night, you're to opt for the green smoothie, which should be the nutritional equivalent of consuming green vegetables.

The popstar isn't opposed to treating herself. When Grande needs a break from the straight-and-narrow, she bends to Starbucks just like the rest of us. "I love soy lattes. Obviously, I don't have dairy because I'm a vegan, but they taste out of this world to me," she said (via TIME).