Andrew Zimmern's Egg Sandwich Rule About Writing Is So On-Brand

Food and travel guru Andrew Zimmern doesn't do anything halfway. When he would go to new places on "Bizarre Foods," he'd dig into local delicacies, even if he had to eat fermented shark or jellied moose nose — just some of the worst things he ate on the show.

This is no made-for-TV stunt; Zimmern has a serious work ethic. Before he was a household name, he battled drug addiction and even the failure of a business, but ultimately, made a transformation that seriously turned heads. And after encountering some health scares as he's gotten older, the chef wasted no time in turning his diet around. He now eats mostly plant-based meals and shares recipes, like his favorite vegan salad, to help us all eat better, too.

Now, the chef still regularly appears on TV, but also runs a media company, consults with food businesses, and writes a popular newsletter called "Spilled Milk." So how does he do it all? The always-busy TV personality's secret for getting it all done is all about late-night egg sandwiches. And, given Zimmern's penchant for hard work, it's so on-brand.

Think twice before doing the Bizarre Foods host's productivity hack

With such a wide-ranging career, Andrew Zimmern's productivity routine is intense, just like his commitment to every part of his job. Turns out, he finds the time to do serious work after everyone else in his house has gone to sleep, he told Travel Channel in 2015.

Before getting down to business, he'd made a scrambled egg sandwich on grilled bread. In fact, by eating the classic breakfast food in the evening, Zimmern has the right idea; eating eggs at night actually helps you sleep better and digest food easier. Then, with a sandwich in hand, Zimmern would sit at his kitchen table and write for two hours straight.

After his focused work time, he'd take the dog for a walk, be in bed by 2 a.m., and wake up again at 7:30 a.m. Granted, it's not a lot of sleep. But once a month, he said, he'd sleep for 15 hours straight to get back on track.

But before you make Zimmern-style changes to your own night routine, you might want to think twice. Back in 2015, Zimmern was still married to his wife, but the truth is, they've divorced since then. Zimmern took full responsibility, saying he "wasn't there" for his family because he was too focused on his businesses and career. So if you adopt the TV celeb's on-brand egg-sandwich rule about writing, make sure you keep a good work-life balance!