Taco Bell's Grilled Cheese Burrito Is Permanently On The Menu (Finally)

Your boss, your aunt, your neighbor, even Dolly Parton orders from Taco Bell. It seems like the Mexican-inspired chain is always cooking up something for everyone. However, those popular Taco Bell menu items are always on the move, much like a special someone you met on vacation, never to be seen again.

But that's not the case for all the Bell's menu offerings. Occasionally, much like something out of "The Hunger Games" (literally), a limited-time food product is selected from the fray to not only make a second (or third, or fourth) appearance, but to remain on as one of Taco Bell's permanent menu offerings. No, it's not the Nacho Fries — this time, the lucky item in question is the fan-favorite Grilled Cheese Burrito. Taco Bell will be making this burrito, with its meaty inside and cheesy grilled exterior, a permanent fixture of its Live Mas menu. The standard seasoned beef variety will retail for the recommended price of $4.49 while the steak costs $5.49. Customers can also get the burrito made with chicken, or get a vegetarian version with black beans.

A new dawn for an underdog burrito

Arriving in the heat of summer 2020, the Grilled Cheese Burrito was a comforting breakfast (we won't judge), lunch, or dinner choice that came at just the right time. It's returned to the Taco Bell menu multiple times over the past three years or so, only to fade away again. But its permanent installation is sure to be extremely welcome news for burrito lovers everywhere. The latest development for this zesty, and cheesy burrito comes on the heels of another win for Taco Bell fans.

Voting ended recently for the Bell's returning item competition. It was the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco versus the Beefy Crunch Burrito —a battle for the ages. Ultimately, the plucky but outmatched Cool Ranch taco was slain by the Beefy Crunch Burrito and its legions of devout followers. The classic burrito will return to Taco Bell menus this August, right by the side of the Grilled Cheese Burrito which we're happy to say is here to stay.