The World Can Thank A Mom For Aldi's Existence

It's no secret that the moms of the world have given us a lot to be grateful for. While raising society's next generation is an achievement in itself, one of the many things we have to thank one mom in particular for is the existence of one of America's favorite discount grocery chains. 

Aldi's cost-saving roots go back all the way to the West German town of Essen in the year leading up to the First World War. Anna Albrecht, the mother of Aldi founders Karl and Theo Albrecht, opened a local grocery store in 1914, which was the precursor to the Aldi that customers know and love today (via Insider). 

The Albrecht brothers both left to fight in the Second World War, but took over running the store from their mother upon their return to Essen. Fast forward to modern times, and the chain has grown from its first location in Essen into a bona fide global retailer. Even today, the company has remained a family affair, staying true to its founding roots. 

Aldi's global stores are split into two companies

Aldi is still run by the same family 110 years later, although its business model looks a little bit different from when the famous grocery chain first started. The grocer was split into two separate companies in 1960, with each one being run by a separate Albrecht brother. Aldi Nord or Aldi North operates Aldi stores located in the European countries of Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, and Poland, in addition to Northern Germany, per Aldi Nord. Aldi Sud or South operates stores in the "southern" locales of Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, China, Australia, the UK and US, Ireland, and of course, Southern Germany (via Aldi Sud). 

The two Aldis also have slightly different logos by which customers can distinguish which Aldi company their store falls under. Aldi Nord stores feature a paler-looking blue and white design while Aldi Sud's logo incorporates a yellow and red border. 

No matter the Aldi company you happen to shop at, you can thank the Albrecht matriarch for the discounts Aldi continues to offer to shoppers all around the world.