10 Costco Kirkland Products That Need To Make A Comeback

Would a trip to Costco be the same without a cart full of Kirkland brand products? Of course not. After all, Kirkland is Costco's beloved private label. Some Kirkland food items are so adored that they have what can only be described as a cult-like customer following.

Don't worry — the Kirkland line isn't going anywhere. However, items do get discontinued from time to time. It's a sad day indeed when you head to Costco in search of your favorite Kirkland item only to discover that some of what you're looking for is no longer available. We're not talking about temporarily out of stock, but rather permanently discontinued, never to be stocked again. Oh, the horror!

What Kirkland products have met this fate? Here are 10 discontinued Kirkland products that we'd love to see make a comeback at Costco. We sure hope that none of your all-time faves are on this list.

1. Kirkland take-and-bake pizza

Remember when you could come home from a Costco haul with a big pizza ready to pop into the oven? So do we, and we're sad that we can't still do exactly that. We're feeling wistful for the good old days back before Costco stopped selling Kirkland take-and-bake pizza.

It was so awesome to be able to swing by a refrigerated case in Costco and pick up that night's dinner in the form of a quick-cooking pizza. It required no prep work other than sticking it into a preheated oven upon your arrival home from a day of warehouse club shopping. It was oh-so-easy to shop at Costco during the day and feast on freshly baked pizza the same night when Kirkland take-and-bake was still a thing.

You can still get Kirkland brand pizza in Costco, but only from the freezer case. Frozen is fine, but take-and-bake was just so quick and easy. We really wish that the incredibly convenient Kirkland take-and-bake pizzas would make a comeback at Costco.

2. Kirkland frozen turkey burgers

Frozen turkey burger patties can be a great convenience item to have on hand in the freezer, but not all turkey burgers taste the same. Turkey burgers have a reputation for being dry and more than a bit bland, but that wasn't the case with the Kirkland brand frozen turkey burgers that Costco used to carry.

People really seemed to enjoy these frozen turkey burger patties, but that didn't prevent them from being discontinued. When Kirkland frozen turkey burgers were discontinued, some Costco customers were so disappointed that they started an unsuccessful Change.org petition to try to convince the retail giant to bring back this item. They've even taken to Reddit to lament the removal of Kirkland frozen turkey burgers from the shelves of Costco as well.

You can still get turkey burgers from Costco — the store now carries 10-pound packages of Rastelli's Antibiotic-Free Turkey Craft Burgers. Customer reviews seem to generally be positive, so even though we'd love to see Kirkland brand turkey burger patties make a comeback, we're willing to give this brand a try.

3. Kirkland frozen four-cheese cheese ravioli

Restaurant-quality ravioli is hard to come by in the freezer section, but that's exactly what Kirkland brand four-cheese ravioli was. That's right — was, not is. Even though this frozen convenience food was tasty enough to be served in restaurants, it is no longer available at Costco.

Why? We're not sure. What we do know is that we are so sad to see such a tasty Italian staple become a thing of the past, but that's exactly what happened. It would be a joyful day indeed to see this delicious pasta that's stuffed with a unique and delicious combination of four kinds of cheese (Asiago, parmesan, ricotta, and Grana Padano) come back to the shelves of Costco.

If this much-missed Kirkland item ever reappears in the freezer section at Costco, we can assure you that it'll also show back up on our dinner table as well. We can just taste it now, with some tasty marinara sauce (or maybe Alfredo) spooned over the top. 

4. Kirkland Trek Mix

Oh, how we long for Kirkland Trek Mix. This tasty protein-packed snack was perfect any time of day. It was just right for yummy and healthy movie munching and provided energy-reviving motivation for long hikes, road trips, or study sessions. We really wish that Costco would bring it back. Sure, you can still get Kirkland brand trail mix at Costco, but it's just not the same as the Kirkland Trek Mix that the retailer used to carry.

Trek Mix was a great sweet and salty snack that included a combination of various kinds of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, granola, and even chocolate chips. We loved the unique mixture of flavors and the fact that the sweetness came from fruit and chocolate chips rather than pieces of candy-coated chocolate, which is what you'll find in the trail mix that Costco currently carries. That's just one of the reasons that Kirkland Trek Mix made our list of discontinued Costco items we miss the most.

5. Kirkland French Comté cheese

The cheese section at Costco is a little slice of heaven for true cheese lovers. But it became a bit less heavenly when Kirkland French Comté cheese was discontinued. Don't get us wrong — the cheese section at Costco is still awesome, but we desperately wish that Kirkland French Comté cheese would make a comeback.

We're not the only ones. When this semi-hard cheese was first discontinued back in 2018, fans of its flavor took to Change.org demanding its return. Whether the petition had an impact or not, Costco did bring back Kirkland French Comté cheese for a few months, but that was only a temporary return.

You can still satisfy your taste for European semi-hard cheese from Costco's cheese section with Kirkland Manchego cheese — which hails from Spain. If only we could enhance our charcuterie boards with Kirkland brand French Comté and Manchego, then we'd be truly happy.

6. Kirkland mini peanut butter cups

Can you purchase peanut butter cups at Costco? Yes, you can. Costco carries the same Reese's peanut butter cups that you can buy anywhere candy is sold, in a variety of sizes. However, if you were a fan of Kirkland brand peanut butter cups at Costco and are looking for them, we're sorry to have to let you know that you'll be sadly disappointed. Why? You won't find them because these mini chocolaty/peanutty delights have been discontinued. The loss of candy always makes us sad. How about you?

We really miss Kirkland mini peanut butter cups. We'd jump for joy if they would make a comeback, even if just on a seasonal basis. Of course, we'd prefer to see them on the shelves all the time, but we'd rather have them reappear as a Christmas or Easter treat (or for any other occasion) than for them to be gone forever (which seems to be the reality of the situation).

7. Kirkland Cinnamon Roll Protein Bars

Costco is a great place to buy protein bars. The store has a nice selection of Kirkland brand protein bars, as well as other brands. However, if you go there in search of Kirkland Cinnamon Roll Protein Bars, you won't find what you're looking for. That's because Kirkland stopped offering the cinnamon roll flavor back in 2018. We're not sure why, but we wish it was still available. 

We'd love to see Kirkland bring back its cinnamon roll flavor of protein bar, because what's not to love about a protein-packed snack that tastes like a cinnamon roll? We may never know, but we can harbor hope that one day this variety will be added back to Kirkland's line of protein bars. Until then, we'll just all have to be happy with the current collection of flavors, which includes chocolate brownie, chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies and cream, and chocolate peanut butter chunk. 

8. Kirkland Mediterranean Blend Oil

If you're looking for cooking oil, Costco is a great place to shop. It carries several Kirkland brand cooking oils, including canola, coconut, olive, and canola oils. It also used to carry a wonderful Mediterranean Blend Oil in the Kirkland line, but — sadly — that product has been discontinued. Customers seemed to love the neutral flavor of this oil blend, so we're sad to see this product go. 

Kirkland Mediterranean Blend Oil was great for cooking as well as for making salad dressing, and it was really convenient to be able to purchase a blend that worked well for such a wide variety of uses. However, that wasn't enough to keep Kirkland Mediterranean Blend Oil in production. Some customers were so saddened to no longer be able to get this product that they took to Reddit in search of a way to mix their own Mediterranean blend oil that would be similar to the Kirkland brand. Fortunately for them, someone is always standing by online to share copycat recipes.

9. Kirkland Organic Greens Juice

Are you getting enough greens in your diet? If not, drinking green juice can be a great option. In the past, Costco shoppers could rely on Kirkland Organic Greens Juice for a tasty way to drink some (maybe all?) of their greens, but that's not the case anymore. Sure, there are other green juices on the market, but they don't all taste the same.

Some green juices are much better than others and — according to customers lamenting the loss of this Kirkland product — this was one of the best-tasting ones on the market. Not only that, some who enjoyed the product indicated that it helped them with digestive problems (via Complaints Board).

We're all in when it comes to healthy green juice that actually tastes good and has health benefits to boot, so we'd sure love to see Kirkland Organic Greens Juice make a triumphant comeback to the shelves of Costco. How about you?

10. Kirkland Signature Silver Tequila

Last but not least, let's chat about discontinued Kirkland liquor. When you're looking for great prices on spirits, Costo is a great place to shop — assuming you live in a state where grocery retailers can sell hard liquor. Costco carries private-label Kirkland Signature liquor, and you can find just about anything you might need to put together a fully stocked bar on the shelves at Costco.

What you can't find there anymore, though, is Kirkland Signature Silver Tequila. This particular type of tequila was discontinued in 2022, so you won't be able to find it any longer. We're not too surprised, as Kirkland Signature Silver Tequila earned a nod as one of the worst in our overview of the best and worst Kirkland liquors to buy at Costco. Even so, this tequila had a low price point and worked okay for making margaritas, so a comeback wouldn't be a bad idea. While you're waiting to see if that happens, you can find higher-end (and better-tasting) tequila at Costco.