You Can Now Essentially Eat Mexican Street Corn Out Of A Corn Nuts Bag

Hormel Foods, the makers of one of the crunchiest snacks around, Corn Nuts, announced (per PR Newswire) that a new flavor is hitting shelves. Corn Nuts creators are doubling down on the "corn" part of the snack's namesake with this Mexican-style street corn-inspired flavor. Its packaging is also splashed with neon green lights in tribute to late-night food carts commonly found across Mexico and is a clever way to set this offering apart from other popular Corn Nuts flavors.

Elotes comes from the Spanish word for "corncob," but making Mexican-style street corn on the cob always starts with grilled corn. Another version of this dish where the kernels are cut from the cob and served in a cup is called esquites or elote en vaso, which translates to "corn in a cup." Either way, the toppings remain the same: creamy mayo, tangy Mexican crema, salty cotija cheese, spicy chili powder, fresh cilantro, and a squeeze of fresh lime.

This release comes after Hormel Foods took over the brand in 2021 and, according to Corn Nuts brand manager Robbie Koons, is part of an effort to "innovate and expand the flavor portfolio." Indeed, the brand's other flavor offerings are pretty standard and include original, BBQ, ranch, nacho, jalapeño cheddar, and chile picante con limon.  At the time of writing, there is no indication whether this flavor is a limited release, so Corn Nuts fans may have a new permanent snack to choose from whenever cravings strike.

How will Mexican street corn flavors translate to Corn Nuts?

The new Corn Nuts flavor seems like a smart move for the company because it fits nicely with its existing snacks and flavor combinations. In addition to the standard fare, crushed-up chips are one secret ingredient you should add to street corn. For example, you can find over-the-top, non-traditional elotes served with a final coating of Doritos, Takis, queso-flavored Ruffles, and Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Adding the new Corn Nuts flavor to the mix could make a fantastic upgrade to elotes, as another popular Mexican street food is a loaded take on elote en vaso. Instead of simply filling a cup with corn and toppings, street vendors will cut open an individual bag of chips, then load it up with corn and all the other fixings. For those who want the crunchiest corn-based snacks, why not use Mexican-style street corn-flavored Corn Nuts as a base for a unique twist?

The new Corn Nuts flavor seems poised to capture the classic elotes flavor well with ingredients like chili peppers, garlic powder, lime juice powder, and natural smoke flavor. However, the only ingredient that might evoke the tangy creaminess characteristic of Mexican street corn is lactic acid, which is found in fermented dairy products like sour cream. At the time of writing, there aren't any reviews on the new product, so it remains to be seen whether this flavor will be a hit for Corn Nuts fans and Mexican street corn lovers alike.