Italy's American-Themed Restaurant Chain Is The Chuckle You Need Today

Americans are bound to stifle some sort of chuckle when visiting Italy's Old Wild West restaurant chain. It's got the vibes of a saloon straight out of a spaghetti western, which makes a lot of sense, since Italy was the filming location where this low-budget movie genre's name was first coined in the 60's. It appears that Italy's love for the classics and their own interpretation of the American West is still an enduring fascination in the country, even if it is a bit gimmicky.

Americans might feel like they've entered a Texas Roadhouse when they see just how many peanuts are crushed and strewn about the place. Aside from this apparently stereotypical U.S. appetizer, Italy's Old Wild West also has tons of menu items named after different regions of America. Grand Canyon Meats, the Mississippi Fillet, Carolina Chicken, and the Texas Salad are just a few examples of "regional" dishes offered. And in true American fashion, the portions are famously enormous no matter what you order.

Whether you're dining here as a comfort-seeking American or are curious to see if Clint Eastwood himself would approve of this old-timey establishment, it's bound to be an interesting experience no matter what. The Wild West-themed restaurant isn't just a strictly Italian thing, either.

Old Wild West has several locations throughout Europe

This American-style chain can be found throughout Italy, France, Monaco, and Switzerland, where you can grab all kinds of familiar stateside grub. Officially, it's part steakhouse and part burger joint, but you'll also find Tex-Mex, barbeque, and other typical American fare. It even has its own signature sauce that comes with whatever entrée you order. Old Wild West's sauce, abbreviated as "OWW", resembles a smoky, spicy, and tangy version of Thousand Island dressing.

In this TikTok, you can see what the inside of an Old Wild West location looks like, along with a glimpse of the food. The walls are adorned with pioneer and cowboy-themed décor, and you can just imagine a bartender sliding a frosty beer across the wooden bar.


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"This is just a nicer Texas Roadhouse," one commenter said, and others agreed that it "looks like a fun time." The decorations and meal options do resemble other American restaurants that play on a similar theme, and the menu looks appetizing enough for some users from the States to deem it "spot on". There are some confusing aspects about the Old Wild West steakhouse, such as a few questionably-named dishes and the fact that the dessert menu is filled with pancakes, which Americans would normally scarf down for breakfast. But for the most part, it seems like an entertaining place to step back in time and say "howdy" to an Americanized meal that will surely fill you to the brim.