The Chicago Chick-Fil-A That Gives Away Free Chicken Sandwiches When The Cubs Win

Who doesn't love baseball season? The sunshine, warmer weather, and the feeling of summer approaching. There is a new reason for Chicago baseball fans to enjoy the spring, as one Chick-fil-A offers a freebie in support of the Cubbies. The newest Chicago Chick-fil-A location in Wrigleyville, located at 3500 N. Clark St., is offering fans a free chicken sandwich through the Chick-fil-A One app this season whenever the Chicago Cubs win a game at home.

Freebies at local businesses in exchange for wins or home runs is not a particularly new idea for sports partnerships. However, the Chicago Cubs Chick-fil-A deal is generous considering that in Los Angeles, the Angels need to score 7 or more runs during a home game to qualify for a free chicken sandwich. That threshold could be higher or lower depending on the season.

Chick-fil-A has noted that the partnership is an important part of supporting local sports and nearby businesses. Dericus Harvey, area director for the midwest region told QSR magazine that the "rich history, vibrant neighborhoods, and community-driven organizations" drew Chick-fil-A to the region.

Baseball chicken sandwiches could be lucrative

Wondering how much free food fans could enjoy during the baseball season if the Cubs perform well? Looking back at last season, the Chicago Cubs won 37 games at home in the 2022 season. Fans could be poised to enjoy dozens of free chicken sandwiches if the Chicago Cubs proceed to perform similarly this year. A chicken sandwich runs at $5.69 at Wrigleyville's Chick-fil-A, which would represent a total savings of at least $210 with 37 hometown wins. It's an absolute win-win for fans and Chick-fil-A.

Wrigleyville franchise owner Nick Pulgine told What Now Chicago, "I can't wait to build my own 'team' in the kitchen, here at Chick-fil-A Wrigleyville, engage with the Cubs culture and truly make every customer experience a home run." The Chicago Cubs baseball partnership is also part of a broader expansion to the region with four new Chick-fil-A locations planned by the end of 2023. This is clearly just the beginning for Chick-fil-A in Chi-Town.