The Most Expensive McDonald's Menu Items Around The World

McDonald's began less than 100 years ago and has grown to define fast food cuisine. It was one of the first franchised restaurants to popularize the consistent and inexpensive hamburger. You might be surprised to learn that prices and selection at McDonald's restaurants around the world aren't always the same. There are over 38,000 McDonald's locations on Earth (although you won't find one in North Korea or Iceland) and over 13,000 in the United States. Although the U.S. has many more McDonald's than any other country, the restaurant is plenty popular internationally, where prices vary. Whether you are one hundred miles into a desert in Israel or exploring historic temples in China, it's comforting to know that you can spot a McDonald's fast food restaurant with its golden arches even if you are thousands of miles from home. 

Although McDonald's began as a hamburger place in 1940, every restaurant today features plenty more than just hamburgers, with specialized menu items including pasta in Hong Kong, spicy paneer in India, and turnovers in Italy. From Liechtenstein to Honduras, here are some of the most expensive menu items around the world. 

Grand Chicken Special, Lebanon: $27.19

Coming in at the number one spot on the most expensive McDonald's menu items is Lebanon's pricey $27 chicken sandwich. The Grand Chicken Special is listed at a whopping 900-plus calories and features a crispy chicken patty, rocca leaves, tomato, Dijon mustard, and Emmental cheese on a delectable-looking bun. Partly because of Lebanon's inflation, this country also offers the world's most expensive Happy Meal which is priced at over $21. 

From the Big Mac to the McFlurry to the Filet-O-Fish, Lebanon's handful of McDonald's locations feature many of the staple menu items. According to the McDonald's website for Lebanon, the restaurants in the country use great ingredients, including 100% halal meat. The website also mentions a concept called "From The Farm To Front Counter" that illustrates where their ingredients are sourced. From harvesting meat using strict halal practices to raising the chickens for their chicken nuggets on vegetarian feed, the website allows customers to learn it all. The company even allows customers to book a kitchen tour to see for themselves how McDonald's makes its food.

Le Triple Cheddar & Double Beef, France: $15.70

From perfectly baked croissants at bustling cafés to world-famous restaurants serving up escargots de Bourgogne, France is known for its world-class cuisine and the food-obsessed country's McDonald's locations are no different. Any "Pulp Fiction" fan knows about France's Le Royal Cheese (known in the U.S. as a Quarter Pounder With Cheese) but you may not know all the other different offerings you can find at a French McDonald's. From chocolate croissants to cappuccinos, the French know exactly what to do with a fast food menu, and the Le Triple Cheddar & Double Beef, an exceptional feat of French cuisine, is no exception.

At over $15, the Le Triple Cheddar & Double Beef burger is an incredible sandwich made from great ingredients, including aged cheddar, Charolais beef (from a renowned French breed of cattle), pickles, and crunchy onions. Dine in using reusable tableware, or take it to-go and pair Le Triple with a bottle of Bordeaux and le cigarette to transform into a McParisian.

Big Tasty Double Bacon, Switzerland and Liechtenstein: $13.31

With locations in more than 100 countries, McDonald's has revolutionized fast food for the masses, making it somewhat of an informal barometer for food prices in each country. When it comes to the menu prices in two of the wealthiest countries in the world, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, it's not a surprise that they tie for the third-most-expensive item with their Big Tasty Double Bacon sandwich, which is priced at over $13.

There are plenty of reasons why McDonald's burgers are tasty but one of the reasons this particular double bacon cheeseburger is so delicious is that it's made with incredible locally-sourced ingredients. According to the McDonald's Switzerland website, sustainability and animal welfare are an important part of the restaurant's ethos. The Big Tasty Double Bacon is made with a double portion of Malbuner bacon (which is made from Swiss pork). The bun is made from Swiss flour. This sandwich is smoky, stacked high, and has over 1,000 calories.

Double Big Tasty Bacon, Norway: $12.97

Norway is one of the most high-cost countries in the world so it makes sense that one of the world's most expensive McDonald's menu items in existence can be found in this Northern European country. Called the Double (or Dobbel) Big Tasty Bacon, the pricey sandwich costs just a hair shy of 13 bucks. Consisting of two large beef patties topped with cheese, the sandwich is stacked high. The top layer of meat is a couple of strips of bacon and all of the ingredients are sandwiched on a sesame seed bun.

Although the Big Tasty looks incredible, there are also other menu items worth seeking out if you find yourself in Norway, including the Cheese Tops Burger, which is made with fried cheese balls squeezed into a burger, and the McFeast, a great name for a juicy cheeseburger made from 100% pure Norwegian beef. Limited-time menus have included a Veggie McSpice, which was made from a red kidney bean patty.

Big Premium New York, Israel: $11.80

If you are on the hunt for kosher items, then an Israeli McDonald's might just be the place. Many of the fast food chain's restaurants in the country keep kosher, though not all of Israel's McDonald's follow these dietary rules. Some of the items you won't find in other countries include McWings and Corn Sticks, which are sort of like french fries made from polenta instead of potatoes. Israel also offers a MyMac, which is a Big Mac that can be personalized to suit your desired ingredients.

Among the various specialty items featured at McDonald's restaurants in Israel, the country's most expensive McDonald's item is actually inspired by the United States. Called the Big Premium New York, this $11 sandwich is made from short rib and ribeye, fancier cuts than you'll find in a stateside McDonald's. Launched in 2011 as part of the Big America series in Israel, the Big Premium New York was meant as McDonald's Israel's answer to fancy burger joints that were becoming popular in the Middle East at the time.

Club House 3 Carnes, Uruguay: $10.27

As one of the biggest exporters of meat in the world, Uruguay is a country known for its high-quality meats including notable beef, sheep, pork, and poultry. For a nation so serious about its farming practices, Uruguay's stand-out recipes typically feature plenty of meat. In fact, the country's national dish is a hamburger-like steak sandwich called a chivito that can feature a hard-boiled egg and olives. The country is also known for its sausages and sweet breads.

The Uruguayan McDonald's Club House 3 Carnes is stacked to the brim with meats. A sandwich that doesn't mess around, it features three layers of beef with Big Mac sauce, caramelized onion, tomato, lettuce, bacon, and cheddar cheese on a brioche bun. Clocking in at over 1,200 calories, you can try the Club House 3 Carnes yourself for just over ten bucks. This South American sandwich can satisfy your beef and bacon carne cravings.

Signature Huevo Doble Benedictine, Spain: $9.92

The culinary influence of Spain, a massive country with plenty of undeniably beloved cuisine, cannot be understated. It's no wonder that Spain broke the mold with its 100% Spanish beef double meat sandwich from McDonald's. Called the Signature Huevo Doble Benedictine, the massive sandwich is made with beef, crispy bacon, Gouda cheese, and a perfectly-fried egg. The pricey item is made all the more flavorful with a topping of hollandaise sauce and crunchy onions.

Not available at all locations in Spain, this burger is a special treat that melds a classic McDonald's double bacon cheeseburger with a breakfast twist and local Spanish ingredients. Made with plenty of great ingredients, this sandwich will run you just under 10 bucks. More great McDonald's items in Spain include Deluxe Potatoes (soft and crunchy potato wedges), fries with bacon and cheese, and wings. For kids, you can also substitute Happy Cherritos (also known as cherry tomatoes) in their Happy Meal.

Crispy Chicken Almighty, New Zealand: $9.55

Nicknamed "Macca's" in Australia and New Zealand, McDonald's first opened in New Zealand in 1976 and became a hit. After opening a number of restaurants, the public embraced the company for its consistently inexpensive burgers and fries. Today, New Zealand's McDonald's operations are also focused on sustainability, using free-range eggs, making sustainable beef commitments, and offering biodegradable straws and wooden cutlery.

Beyond the expansion into more sustainable practices, New Zealand also features a pricey chicken sandwich. More than just a catchy title, New Zealand's Crispy Chicken Almighty is one of the most expensive McDonald's sandwiches in the world, costing just barely under 10 bucks for a single sandwich. Featuring two crispy chicken patties made with 100% New Zealand chicken breast and all the classic offerings found in other McDonald's chicken sandwiches, including cheese, lettuce, BBQ sauce, and mayo, this chicken sandwich behemoth is ideal for those craving a bigger take on the classic offering.

Homestyle Crispy Chicken Honey Mustard, Netherlands: $9.45

McDonald's restaurants in the Netherlands have plenty of unique and delicious offerings. One of the most famous menu items is the McKroket, a completely unique menu offering from the region. The McKroket is a fried croquette-style beef ragout sandwich that is beloved by food bloggers and vloggers from all over the world. On TikTok, the hashtag #mckroket has over 6 million views.

Although the Netherlands has many tempting things to offer at its local McDonald's restaurants, the country's Homestyle Crispy Chicken Honey Mustard is the most expensive. Priced at a touch under $10, the updated take on a classic chicken sandwich is loaded with incredible ingredients not typically found at McDonald's locations, including white cabbage, Batavia lettuce, matured cheddar cheese, and fried onions. Topped with both honey and sharp mustard, the sandwich is a sweet and zesty dream.

Grand BBQ Cheese, Luxembourg: $9.25

Bordered by Belgium, Germany, and France, Luxembourg is a small nation with great wine, ancient architecture amidst rolling green hills, and an advanced economy. Despite its size as one of the smallest countries in Europe (measuring smaller than the state of Rhode Island), Luxembourg boasts an incredibly wealthy economy, meaning that if you measure things on an international scale, prices for meals can run high. Despite that, for less than $10, you can afford one of Luxembourg's greatest achievements: the Grand BBQ Cheese sandwich from Mcdonald's.

According to the McDonald's website from Germany, where this sandwich is also available, the Grand BBQ Cheese sandwich is made with 100% beef, farm-fresh cheese, and a combination sauce that is described as a mix of chili cheese and BBQ sauce flavor. The sandwich also features a salad of lollo bionda lettuce. This sandwich seems to be in a tasty league all its own.

Grand Tasty Turbo Double Bacon, Argentina: $9.21

With world-renowned high-quality cattle breeds (Angus and Hereford) and plenty of ranches, delicious Argentine beef is known the world over for being juicy and tender. Traditionally cooked on an open flame and served with chimichurri, beef is beloved throughout the country. Therefore it should come as no surprise that the country offers some of the most meat-heavy McDonald's burgers around.

As of 2018, there were over 200 McDonald's restaurants in Argentina, all serving up various types of hamburgers. The pricey Grand Tasty Turbo Double Bacon is a take on the already-stacked double cheeseburger that adds a hefty dose of bacon to top it off. Made with two beef patties, plenty of bacon, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and sauce, this sandwich is a great representation of the typical fresh ingredients that can be found in Argentina. Costing over nine bucks, this version of the Tasty burger is one for true meat lovers.

Maestro Generous Jack, Belgium: $9.15

Belgium may be known for its fries (or pommes frites) but it would be a mistake to overlook the country's burger game. While Belgium features many of the same McDonald's items found in other European countries, like the Royal Cheese, its unique burger offerings are particularly worth exploring. Some of the unique menu items include a Tabasco-adorned chicken sandwich and a milk-based McVeggie patty.

The Maestro Generous Jack blows the other burgers out of the water. A stacked $9.15 double cheeseburger with two generou" beef patties and Maredsous cheese, the sandwich is so large that the company invented a smaller version for anyone looking for the same flavor, the Generous Jack Junior (with half the beef). Featuring lemon mayonnaise, crispy bacon, and fresh veggies on a linseed and sesame seed brioche bun, it's no wonder this burger is such a hit that there needs to be more than one version.

Double Beef McNifica, Honduras: $8.94

Honduras is a good example of a nation with only a few McDonald's locations. As of 2022, the agriculture-focused Central American country has nine McDonald's locations, all located in or near the largest metropolitan areas.

Despite only having a few locations, Honduras offers one of the priciest McDonald's menu offerings in the world. The Double Beef McNifica, or McNífica de Res as it's called in Spanish, is the Honduran take on a classic double cheeseburger. Made with beef, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, and ketchup situated on a sesame seed bun, the sandwich costs nearly nine dollars, which is almost six bucks more pricey than an average Honduran Big Mac. Other menu items at McDonald's in Honduras include the Ranch Burger, a burger with 100% beef meatloaf, and McWrap Pico Guacamol Gourmet, a flour tortilla featuring guacamole, pico de gallo, and meat.