This Popcorn-Loving Moose Is The Felon We All Needed

Even if you aren't planning on treating yourself to a bucket of perfectly buttered popcorn at the movies, that can quickly change once you walk in and smell that familiar aroma wafting through the air. At Kenai Cinemas in Alaska, the popcorn is so good that it even attracts the local wildlife, prompting some creatures to burst in and try it for themselves. That's exactly what transpired when a curious young moose came through the theater's entrance earlier this month and started sniffing around for a little snack to tide him over. Luckily no one was harmed in this surprise interaction, as the employee recording the spectacle was behind the counter while she called her manager to step in.

As the moose flicks its tongue around and follows its nose toward the trash, the staff member starts to panic laugh as she phones her supervisor, Ricky Black. Thankfully, he was just upstairs sorting out his employee's schedules when he got the call. His initial reaction was also laughter, and he admits to the Anchorage Daily News that his employee eventually had to tell him to knock it off and help. As it casually grazed on the contents of the lobby's garbage can, popcorn spilled to the floor and the moose raised its head, showing yet another prize from its dumpster dive stuck to its nose.

Before wandering away, the moose enjoyed a nice Happy Meal

While the employees and manager of Kenai Cinemas were trying their best to shoo the moose away, the creature got extra nosy when it discovered some McDonald's leftovers. Unable to shake the Happy Meal box from its sniffer, it sauntered around calmly before finally listening to the hollering staff and leaving quietly.


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Wild moose intrusions like this are not a rare occurrence in Alaska. While this particular moose appeared pretty docile, that's not always the case. Alaska-Yukon moose are the largest in the U.S. — they can grow up to six feet tall and run at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. This movie-going herbivore could've been anywhere from 800 to 1,600 pounds, which is another reason why caution always needs to be exercised when dealing with wildlife that wander a little too close for comfort. Moose have a keen sense of smell, so it's understandable how it could pick up on the scent of movie theater popcorn's secret ingredient, even from over a mile away. The door was propped open as the popcorn machine was getting cleaned, so there's also that.

Nick Fowler, a wildlife biologist with Alaska Wildlife Fish and Game, told Anchorage Daily News that the period right after winter and before plants can start blooming in spring is when moose tend to be "nutritionally limited." He advises that it's best not to assume how a wild animal will behave, even if it's young. Snack safely out there, movie lovers.