Arguably The Best Part Of Lucky Charms Is Returning In Bags For A Limited Time

"They're magically delicious!" Lucky Charms' emerald mascot, Lucky the Leprechaun, would scream out this instantly recognizable catchphrase from televisions all over the country. Since 1964, this colorful cereal from our youth has remained popular to this day, selling over 80 million boxes in 2021 alone. As kids, while many of us sat in Bran Flakes limbo, we all had that one friend whose house had all the other breakfast cereals we were missing out on. The colors, the smell (you know what we're talking about), Lucky Charms are instantly recognizable to a generation of kids. In 2020, there was a new version of this classic breakfast food released, one without all those pesky cereal pieces.

In a press release sent to us here at Mashed, the folks at General Mills let us know all about the re-release of a fan favorite. Back again for the fourth year in a row, but now with limited edition resealable bags, Lucky Charms Just Magical Marshmallows are here! Who needs teeth anyway? This spring, bags full of only those colorful, way too sweet-for-breakfast marshmallows return. The little rainbow one, a clover, the moon guy — the marshmallow gang's all here. Starting in late April and going through the beginning of May, these cereal-less cereal bags will be hitting store shelves for $4.98 for a limited time.

Marshmallow fun for everyone?

Lucky Charms Superfans know all about the brand and combining that with these eight collectible bags and our culture of FOMO, we hope there isn't a marshmallow apocalypse in store for anyone trying to buy one. Limited-time food releases have an unfortunate habit of turning into something unpleasant. The limited-edition McDonald's Adult Happy Meal, complete with overwhelmed workers, scalpers, and low inventory, is just a recent example. So, forgive us if we're a bit hesitant about the notion of another collectible limited-time food release. But if you're only in it for the marshmallows, it doesn't have to be that way. Even if you can't get these new bags, you can do what ingenious kids everywhere have been doing for decades: Pour out a bowl and separate all the marshmallows, one by one.

But why stop there? You don't have to just eat them, you know, you could even bake a batch of Lucky Charms sugar cookies. However, if these bags of marshmallows do fly off the shelves, they'll likely come back again next year, so there's always another chance.