Chick-Fil-A Is Under Fire Over A Badly Misspelled Name

Anytime a business asks for your name, it runs the risk of misspelling it or otherwise messing it up. One such incident occurred when a Chick-fil-A customer, who just so happens to speak with a lisp, had her name misspelled as Joyth instead of Joyce on her sandwich. Upon noticing the mistake, TikTok user @afro__carribean7 posted a video to the platform expressing her discontent with the company. As the video starts, she aims the camera at a chicken sandwich box displaying the misspelled name. "Chile, I'm gonna talk s**t, because what the f**k?" she began. The video's caption read "Now Chick-Fil-A know damn well they wrong for that."

The TikTok, which was uploaded on April 14, 2023, has accumulated 1.6 million likes, 16,300 comments, and 74,000 shares. Those commenting on the video were lighthearted about the situation, but they seemed to be laughing alongside her, as Joyce spoke with a joking tone throughout her recording. "He wanted to make sure there was no doubt at the pick-up window," one TikTok user laughed. So, just how did this incident occur?

The drive-thru employee previously mentioned her lisp

In a TikTok video, Joyce revealed that the employee actually pointed out her lisp at the window. "I started talking to the person taking my order, and dude was like 'Oh that's cute!'" she began. When she asked what the employee meant, he responded "You got a lisp when you talk." Joyce shrugged it off and awkwardly thanked the worker. Then, he asked for her name — the thing that ultimately led to the (perhaps purposeful) mistake on the box.


Now Chick-Fil-A know damn well they wrong for that 😭😭😭 #lisplivesmatter #chickfila

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Of course, there is a way to prevent future misspellings — or spellings — of your name. On Reddit, one user shared a story of the time they accidentally told the cashier "no" when asked for their name. Apparently, OP thought the employee was asking if they wanted sauce. "This is where it gets bad," the poster continued. "He f***ing REPEATED his question and I still thought he was asking me if I wanted sauce." OP, once again, said no. Finally, the cashier gave up and walked away while the Reddit user's cousin explained the mistake that was made. When the worker came back, the Redditor attempted to say sorry, but the worker walked away during the apology.