Costco's Latest Bakery Loaf Is Apparently Lacking Lemon

A new Kirkland Signature goodie has made its way to Costco, but it's apparently lacking in one of its most important ingredients. Measuring just over 2 pounds, this blueberry lemon loaf is disappointing Redditors who believe its lemon flavor isn't completely shining through. "Mine has zero lemon flavor," one comment read, likening the dessert to a "blueberry muffin" instead. Another Reddit user wished the lemon flavor that did exist would be more pronounced. "The lemon flavor is only on top. I really was hoping for both flavors throughout," they said. This news also upset a lemon lover who was looking forward to trying it. "That's disappointing. I love super strong lemon flavor in baked goods," they wrote.

On April 21, Instagram user @costcofans shared the find on its platform. Interestingly, Instagram users felt the opposite of Reddit users, claiming the dessert is actually lacking blueberries. "It was good but definitely not a lot of blueberries inside," one user wrote. Another user agreed on both ends, complaining of minimal lemon flavor and a shortage of blueberries. 

If you're a home baker or small bakery owner, your biggest fear might be that your product doesn't turn out as advertised. Thankfully, if you're working with lemon, there is more than one method to bring out a strong flavor.

How to avoid Costco's lemon error

Lemons are frequently integrated into baked goods, and there are many ways to prepare these desserts to prevent dropping the ball like Costco's blueberry lemon loaf did. The Costco loaf was made using lemon icing and batter, but lemon juice, zest, and extract can provide similar, yet unique results. 

If you're looking for a mid-tier lemon flavor, you should opt for lemon juice. This option gives your recipe tart, acidic, and bitter properties that surprisingly aren't too overwhelming. It also helps to extend the life of your homemade dessert.

If you're not a fan of the acidity that lemons often possess, you can bake using lemon extract instead. Lemon extract provides a prominent lemony flavor without the tartness that makes you pucker up. Though it works well in many sweet treats, it especially comes in handy for dairy products because it doesn't cause curdling. 

Furthermore, if you're looking for a way to cut back on waste, lemon zest, which is made from the leftover peel of a lemon, is the way to go. Similar to lemon extract, lemon zest is calmer than what you'd expect from the fruit. The citrus flavor is the most noticeable, and as long as you use the right amount, you won't feel bombarded with a pungent flavor. 

Check out the difference between lemon juice and lemon extract for further clarification on the two.