Pickle-Flavored Macarons Are Apparently A Thing Now

We've seen some interesting pickle-flavored products over the years, from pickle-flavored ice cream to pickle-flavored popcorn. But if our pickle horizons hadn't already been stretched wide enough, we now have pickle-flavored macarons on the market.

San Antonio's Bakery Lorraine shared the treats on its Instagram on April 24, 2023, much to the bewilderment of internet foodies. According to the post's caption, the macarons have a pickle curd buttercream filling for a "salty-sweet taste." In addition to being the same color as a dill pickle, the macarons also sport sesame seeds, which are meant to look like pickle seeds.

Bakery Lorraine later posted a second Instagram photo of two pickle-flavored macarons playfully perched atop a burger and noted that this unique macaron flavor would only be available for a limited time. A single pickle-flavored macaron costs $3.25, while the burger it's promoted with costs $15. In other words, you could recreate that pickle-licious photo yourself for just $21.50. 

Are pickle-flavored macarons worth the hype?

If you're a true pickle lover, you may wonder whether trying Bakery Lorraine's pickle-flavored macarons is worth the trip. Yes, the macarons are a limited-time offer, but let's push that thought aside for a minute.

As you might expect, Instagram had mixed reviews of these macarons. Several people commented that, while they love Bakery Lorraine's other macaron flavors, the pickle-flavored one simply was not something they would recommend to others. That being said, those who tried it had to admit they gave the bakery "points for originality," which is fair.

Facebook users were somewhat more accepting of the macarons, with one person going so far as to say the treat "hit the spot." Another person commented that, although they weren't a fan of macarons, they were excited to try a pickle-flavored one. That might be a little strange, but we're here for it and appreciate a willingness to try new things.