Canned Lobster Is The Solution To Combat Seafood Cravings

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Fast food restaurants provide a quick, affordable way to address practically any food craving. Cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, pizza, and tacos — all of these can be picked up in a matter of minutes via drive-thru. This option isn't as readily available when it comes to seafood. Of course, Long John Silver's can stand in if you're seeking out fish or shrimp. But if lobster is what you desire, it usually takes a bit more preparation.

There's no doubt lobster is popular in America; each year, it generates more than $1.5 billion in revenue. Still, issues with price and ease of access make it difficult to come by. In many ways, canned lobster will be able to eliminate these problems. Priced at $38.99 for a pack of three, one popular canned seafood brand, Scout, offers canned Atlantic Canadian lobster with meat from the claw and knuckle. To preserve the meat, each 3.2-ounce can is packed with olive oil and lemon. Beyond lobster, Scout also sells canned tuna, salmon, mussels, and trout.

In addition to the obvious benefits mentioned above, canned lobster addresses a few other obstacles that home chefs have to face in comparison.

Canned lobster can slash kitchen preparation times

Even if cooking is your forte 90% of the time, there's always risk involved with consuming raw meat. When undercooked lobster is involved, bacterial, hepatitis, and parasitic infections can wreak havoc on your immune system. According to Chef Natalia Levey, lobster should always reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit before serving. "Uncooked lobster will appear translucent toward the center and light pink closest to the shell. It will be soft to the touch," Levey said to Livestrong.

Beyond the fear of foodborne illness, cooking isn't always desirable. Luckily, canned lobster is as good as the rest when substituted into recipes. On the Gas recommends using this lobster to whip up lobster patties, salads, and chowder.

Though not everybody agrees with the flavor of canned lobster, those who left positive reviews for Scout on Amazon seemed to deeply love it. "[The] lobster [is] delightfully delicate and firm. Not mushy and beautifully flavored," one comment read. Another reviewer called the meat "large and sweet and very flavorful."