The Most Beloved Brand In The US Is A Grocery Store

The goods and services we interact with on a regular basis have the power to become embedded into our lives. They can even become embedded in our skin, like when a Costco superfan had the Kirkland Signature logo tattooed on his arm or a Trader Joe's shopper had an image of its canned corn inked onto her arm. When it comes to where we decide to shop for groceries, a number of factors matter, including the food selection, prices, layout, location, and of course, the customer experience.

Crowdsourced review site Yelp recently used hundreds of reviews to come up with brand loyalty rankings for a wide range of food- and non-food-related companies, resulting in a list of the most 50 loved brands in the nation. The top spot is held by a grocery chain known for its affordable products, friendly and helpful staff, and overall environment: Trader Joe's. Since its founding in 1967, the California-based company has promoted its focus on health and wellness, building an empire of markets across the country that offer food and beverages, not to mention a simultaneously relaxing and invigorating atmosphere.

Trader Joe's is America's most loved brand, according to Yelp

Trader Joe's embraces a philosophy of "transforming grocery shopping into a welcoming journey full of discovery and fun," according to the company's website. The Yelp findings may well back this up, as it found people nationwide who sing the store's praises loudly and proudly. Some Yelp users who have left five-star reviews on their local Trader Joe's commented on the cleanliness, the wide selection of fresh and unique products, low prices, welcoming workers, and the location's convenience.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this isn't the first time the chain has been deemed an American darling. Earlier this year, EngagementLabs determined that among offline brands, Trader Joe's was one of the most positively regarded. Out of the 50 companies that made Yelp's first-ever list of the most loved brands, a whopping 38 fall within the restaurant, food and beverage, and grocery store categories. Some of Trader Joe's competitors were in high standing. Costco ranked ninth, and World Market came in 10th.

At the end of the day, consumers from all walks of life are dedicated to what they take pleasure in. Trader Joe's enthusiasts especially appreciate quality, camaraderie, neighborship, and most of all, the all-embracing joy a shopping experience should bring.