Twisted Tea Channels Summer With Its Newest Popsicle-Flavored Tea

Over the years, every Twisted Tea flavor has more or less stuck to a single, overarching theme of –- you guessed it –- types of tea. From its original and light flavors to the fruitier raspberry, peach, and mango, Twisted Tea has arguably kept its flavor profiles simple and expected. That is, until now.

Twisted Tea's newest flavor is Rocket Pop, perhaps better known as the Bomb Pop popsicle. As many of us remember, these pops have ice-old layers of cherry, lime, and blue raspberry, and now, per a press release, so does the latest flavor of Twisted Tea. For better or for worse, the only thing missing from the Twisted Tea cans is the popsicle stick, but is anyone really complaining about that? We certainly won't miss the tongue splinters.

In addition to being available in its own special edition pack for about $9, the Rocket Pop Twisted Tea can also be found as part of a $19 special edition party pack with Twisted Tea original, half & half, and peach flavors.

Is Twisted Tea's new summer flavor actually the bomb?

Given how nostalgic many people feel about Bomb Pops, it's only natural that we have high expectations for Twisted Tea's Rocket Pop flavor. That being said, the internet seems to have mixed reviews when it comes to this particular flavor of Twisted Tea.

In his YouTube review of the hard tea, CheapBeer4U2Drink noted that it "smells nice and fruity," but also has a "really strong flavor." He said he thought it was the sweetest of the Twisted Tea flavors, and described it as tasting almost like a blue raspberry slush. All in all, he found the flavor to be "overpowering."

On the other hand, one TikTok user declared the Rocket Pop flavor to be "the best one yet," and highly recommended it to his followers. Another TikTok user posted that they visited 20 different stores before finally getting their hands on the party pack, but it must have been worth it, as they wrote in the comments that Rocket Pop was "100% the best flavor." At the end of the day, the consensus seems to be if you like Bomb Pops, you'll probably like the Twisted Tea Rocket Pop flavor.