Costco's Hard Version Of Capri-Sun Is The Much-Needed Summer Beverage

One of the best parts of summer is the beverages: Anything cold on a hot day seems to taste that much better. Many have positive associations with summer drinks, particularly nostalgic throwbacks like Capri-Suns. Like juice boxes, Capri-Suns keep drinks fresh even in the summer swelter. Unlike juice boxes, Capri-Suns are squeezable — so you can suck that baby down to the very last drop.  

Now that we've got hard lemonade and hard seltzer, why not hard juice boxes? Given their popularity and how much adults, and even famous chefs, love Capri-Suns, it seems predetermined that adult versions would show up eventually. Costco is selling at least one brand of them. One part nostalgic summer sipping, one part grown-up fun, spiked juice pouches provide sentimental satisfaction while allowing for more sophisticated tastes — especially for those who may feel a little too old to be drinking Capri-Suns in public. For the summer 2023 season, Costco is selling Mizo hard lemonade, which comes in familiar pouches dressed up for adults: Sleek black packaging indicates these are not intended for your kid's lunch box.

Mizo labels itself as a "boozy juice pouch." It's lemonade at its (hard) core, but White Peach, Mango Passionfruit, and Blackberry Lychee flavors are also available. Each pouch contains 10 ounces, is relatively low in sugar, has only 90 calories, and is 4.5% ABV.

Hard drink pouches capitalize on convenience

You can buy Mizo hard lemonade pouches at regular supermarkets that sell alcohol, but big box stores are ideal for stocking up for summer parties (or just for personal use). Costco is selling them — like it does everything — in large quantities. 


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While this is the only spiked juice pouch we've spotted at Costco, there is quite a range of squeezable adult beverages out there these days, ranging from wine and frosé to wine coolers. The love for childhood beverages explains some of these products' popularity, but they probably owe some of their market shares to prohibitions on glass containers at pools and beaches. And unlike cans, pouches can be frozen without the risk of their contents exploding. There are even some tropical cocktail pouches that are made for sharing with larger groups. While there's no shortage of easy summer cocktail recipes, it's possibly even more satisfying to embrace your inner child by spearing a plastic pouch just like you did in elementary school — but with an adult twist.