Frosé Season Arrives Early With Giada De Laurentiis' Fruity Recipe

Daylight light savings time may have you feeling like you're dragging. The adjustment to springing forward is rough. In fact, according to The Atlantic, Facebook looked at its community in 2014 and found that 25% of users added "feeling tired" to their status the following Monday after moving clocks ahead an hour. But springing forward, even if you feel like you need a nap the next day, has its positives. It means we're that much closer to what Giada De Laurentiis' site Giadzy has so aptly dubbed "frosé season" on Instagram.

What is frosé season? It's when summer is in the air. Popularized by bartender Justin Sievers, the frozen wine drink went viral in 2016 (via Punch). The thought of sipping a glass of the stuff gives off all sorts of vacation and relaxation vibes. The host of Food Network's "Everyday Italian" served this fruity beverage in 2019 at the inaugural baseball game for the Las Vegas Aviators, per the Ballpark Digest. The drink was described as "a rosé-based ice-blended drink garnished with basil," and De Laurentiis' Giadzy website explains that this "frosty pink drink is the ultimate refreshing summer sipper!" 

Well, it may not quite be summer, but with Major League Baseball ready to get back to business and all the harbingers of spring calling our names, now might be as good a time as any. And the Giadzy Instagram account has ruled it's close enough to declare the opening of frosé season.

It takes 8 hours, 8 minutes to make

The Instagram account for Giada De Laurentiis' Giadzy posted a photo of this frozen drink that uses strawberries, rosé, and basil, and captioned it: "Is it frosé season yet?? We're deciding yes. Tag a friend in the comments you'd make this frosty sipper with!" De Laurentiis definitely found a community of "yays" to second the motion. A whole lot of tagging took place on the post, which has received close to 1,500 likes. 

One follower wrote, "My calendar says that the day before we turn the clocks ahead, we *must* have Frose. (And if Daylight Savings Time falls on March 12th, it must be 'the Giadzy way' on March 11th!) So ... if you're confused, just have a Frose; you just won't care after." Makes sense to us! Another fan thanked the person who tagged them and said that "we will have to do it for sure ! Looks delish."

If you are planning to take part in frosé season, here's a pro tip: Plan accordingly. Giadzy says that it takes 8 hours and 8 minutes to make these drinks. Why 8 hours? You will need to first freeze your rosé, but from there, it will take just 8 minutes before you are sipping on what sounds like a recipe for brain freeze.