The Dairy Queen Hack To Score Double The Toppings On Dipped Cones

With the weather finally warming up, it's the perfect time to go get a cone from your favorite ice cream shop. For those who enjoy Dairy Queen dipped cones, one TikToker shared her favorite hack for scoring extra toppings, and we must say, it's pretty ingenious.

According to Maddie Goetz's TikTok, the first step is to order a dipped cone from Dairy Queen — be it a chocolate-dipped, churro-dipped, or another limited-edition dipped cone — and a cup of your favorite toppings on the side. Goetz opted for a cup of rainbow sprinkles.

Once you've got your dipped cone and your cup of toppings, Goetz says to eat the dipped shell (topping no. 1) off your ice cream. After your ice cream is entirely exposed, you can dip it into your cup of chocolate sprinkles, nuts, or cookie crumbs (topping no. 2) for a second round of deliciousness. Again, sounds great to us, but TikTok has mixed feelings.

Not everyone is on board with this Dairy Queen double-dip trick

After Maddie Goetz posted her TikTok hack for getting double the toppings on your Dairy Queen dipped cone, viewers weren't sold on the idea. A few called the hack "brilliant," while others asked why she didn't just get an ice cream cone with sprinkles if she wanted sprinkles, completely missing the point of getting double toppings.



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Another person wrote, "As a Dairy Queen employee, please don't make this a trend." Just as Starbucks baristas are sick of making complicated TikTok drinks, we can understand DQ workers not wanting to be bombarded with TikTok hacks, but really, Goetz's hack doesn't ask too much — just a dipped cone off the menu, with a cup of sprinkles on the side.

If you ask us, what you shouldn't order at Dairy Queen is a dipped cone with a sprinkle core, as this particular TikTok treat takes extra time to hollow out the ice cream and fill it with sprinkles before dipping it in chocolate. At the end of the day, Goetz's hack isn't taking up too much more of workers' time than a regular dipped cone, and she even got a Canadian Dairy Queen's approval.