Quiche Prices Are Skyrocketing, Thanks To The Coronation

Quiche is a hugely popular dish in the UK. Originally reserved for picnics, quiche has become a favored choice for lunch among the British, as Food 4 Media reported in 2021 that one out of every six lunch meals falling on the weekdays of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday was a quiche. The most regarded flavors were quiche Lorraine and cheddar and onion, and, in 2020, Brits purchased £188,000 worth of quiche.

It's no surprise then that a quiche recipe has been named the official dish of King Charles III's Coronation. The quiche, dubbed "Quiche Le Reign," includes spinach, tarragon, cheddar cheese – in honor of one of King Charles' favorite breakfasts, cheesy eggs – broad beans (AKA fava beans in the U.S.), and a crust with one controversial ingredient: lard. The recipe was chosen by royal chef Mark Flanagan. The website of the royals suggests serving the quince with green salad or boiled potatoes as a side. The official quiche will be served at the Coronation Big Lunch , a widespread celebration designed to raise money for charity.

As the Coronation grows nearer, naturally quiche has grown even more popular, with many scurrying to their local grocery to grab one – or maybe a few. But quiche prices are skyrocketing across the U.K., with prices for the savory treat up 21% in the past year.

Quiches continue to be popular despite costs

Despite the rising costs of quiche, buying one at the grocery store is still less expensive than executing the recipe yourself as prices of cheddar cheese, eggs, and cream have also increased in the UK. Still, quiches are flying off the shelves. One grocery store, Lidl, sells its own "budget-friendly Deluxe version of the dish" for £2.79, sales of which have increased by one third in the past month. Aldi, on the other hand, reports selling 30 quiches every minute. Champagne, scones, pork pies, and scotch eggs have also become hot ticket items (via The Guardian).

So, if you don't want to shell out the money for a quiche, what's a Coronation reveler to do? Luckily, in addition to the royal quiche, there are four other recipes that have been developed for the Coronation Big Lunches held on May 7 : roast lamb with an Asian-inspired marinade; an aubergine dish complete with yogurt, chutney, and fried onions; shrimp tacos with pineapple salsa; and a dessert inspired by a royal classic trifle with strawberry and ginger.