You Never Had A Chance To Score Target's Starbucks X Stanley Tumblers

In case you missed it — and like most of us, you probably did — Target Starbucks locations came out with an exclusive Stanley tumbler on May 9, 2023. Stanley tumblers are among the best-insulated tumblers you can buy, so this launch was bound to go fast, but they disappeared even more quickly because of extremely limited quantities.

According to the Reddit community r/Starbucks, each Target Starbucks store received between two and six tumblers, which may be based on each location's overall traffic. The tumblers were supposed to be priced at approximately $45 apiece, but many of them weren't even seen by customers.

The special-edition Stanley tumblers were allegedly snapped up by Starbucks employees before stores even opened for the day. In a statement to Krazy Coupon Lady, a Starbucks barista said they weren't allowed to buy the tumblers but noted that other Target employees could make the purchase. Other tumblers were quickly grabbed by resellers who hoped to make a profit online. You could check out eBay if you're desperate for a Starbucks x Stanley tumbler, but it's possible Target stores just need time to restock.

How to get your hands on the peach Starbucks x Stanley tumbler

While Target's Starbucks x Stanley tumbler may no longer be available at Target Starbucks locations, there's no need to lose hope. On eBay, the tumblers can be found for anywhere between $125 and nearly $600 (which we don't recommend purchasing). Or, you could get a different one: Stanley has plenty of other tumblers in similar styles and a peachy color like the Starbucks collab boasts for under $50.

However, if you need the real deal at a reasonable price, some Starbucks employees believe stores will receive a second batch of tumblers toward the end of May. One TikTok user shared an alleged tip that the Stanley tumblers may be restocked on May 26, 2023, though some commenters noted that their local Starbucks stores claimed they wouldn't be carrying these tumblers again. Others claimed the restock was happening on May 29.

Regardless, people have theorized that sending out so few Starbucks x Stanley tumblers created a lot of drama — but it also made them much more desirable to customers due to their rarity. As such, the brands probably planned the whole thing, weird as it may seem.