A Dead Body Was Just Found In An Arby's Freezer

Imagine: You've arrived at your job at Arby's, open the freezer to grab some supplies, roast beef in hand, and you turn to find a dead body. Such is the scenario one Arby's employee at a New Iberia, Louisiana Arby's found themselves in this past Thursday around 6:30 p.m. when they discovered the body of a woman, reportedly a manager at the restaurant, dead. Sounds like the start of a very, well, interesting day to say the least. As of this publishing, the name of the employee who found the body has not been released, nor has the name of the deceased.

While the body of the woman has been taken by a coroner to be examined so her identity can be confirmed and cause of death identified, Sargeant Daesha Hughes, spokesperson for the New Iberia Police Department initially said the cause of death was "suspicious" (via 15 News). One thing's for sure: this is certainly a scary and concerning discovery to make at your job.

Investigators still aren't sure how a dead body ended up in an Arby's freezer

Captain Leland Laseter of New Iberia Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division said that while the police had to be thorough with their investigation of a dead body found in a freezer at a Louisiana Arby's given its "unusual" nature, "After completely processing the crime scene ... this does not seem like a homicide, it seems like an accident," per News 15. Despite police findings on the night of the discovery, Laseter advised that the determinations are not yet final. Other employees at the Arby's were interviewed when police arrived at the crime scene (via News 15).

Arby's fans took to social media to share the news of the dead body found in one of the restaurant's freezers. Reddit u/ShadowLizardPerson commented on one thread announcing the news, writing, "Well. That's concerning." That's certainly an understatement.

Per KLFY, more details on the case are expected to be released to the public later today.