We Just Noticed Jimmy John's Only Carries One Type Of Cheese

Jimmy John's is an American sandwich chain that was founded on an ethos of competitively fast customer service, hence its slogan "Freaky Fast." Whether it's the efficient service, the option for delivery, or the sandwiches themselves, people seem to enjoy Jimmy John's so much that, according to American Customer Satisfaction Survey, it's earned a customer satisfaction rating of 79 out of 100.

But freaky fast isn't just a motto, it's an action. In order to maintain speedy service and quick delivery times, Jimmy John's has protocols in place to maintain the high-speed flow of its operations. Jimmy John's only delivers within a 2-mile radius to ensure that delivery times are quick and employees are expected to assemble any sandwich on the menu within 30 seconds.

It's not just these strict work-day rules that have afforded Jimmy John's so much acclaim. It also comes down to the ingredients they offer. Unless provolone is your go-to deli cheese, you may have noticed that Jimmy John's doesn't carry other common cheeses like American, cheddar, or pepper jack. That's right, Jimmy John's only offers provolone cheese for its sandwiches. Although it can be frustrating for fans of various types of cheese, there's a method to Jimmy John's provolone madness.

Why Jimmy John's only carries provolone

This is Jimmy John's, not Burger King — you can't always have it your way. Although cheese customizations are limited, Jimmy John's says it's committed to only offering its customers high-quality ingredients. Instead of pre-packaged cheeses and proteins, JJ employees hand-slice its deli meats and cheese for a fresher taste and feel. However, if Jimmy John's offered various cheese options, employees would spend additional time hand-slicing American cheese instead of preparing sandwiches within the 30-second time frame they're allotted.

If Jimmy John's offered cheese customizations, the required maintenance would also cost time. If an ingredient is used up too quickly, employees end up spending valuable time re-stocking and checking it for quality. The more ingredients there are on the expo line, the more there is to tend to.

One Jimmy John's employee on Reddit said that customers shouldn't even bother asking for alternative cheeses like American anyways because "there is no sandwich on our menu that would taste good with it." Another person on the thread added "I tried American cheese on a Jimmy sandwich, it's not good. They work better with a subtle cheese."

Jimmy John's keeps its ingredients list slim as a way to remain consistent with the brand's freaky fast mission. Although it can feel limiting, the one-cheese business model lends to Jimmy John's celebrated customer service.