TikTok Apparently Thinks You Can't Have Too Many Onions On A McDonald's Hamburger

Onions can bring tremendous flavor to dishes, but eating a large serving of them can bring an immense aroma to your breath, as well. This side effect is one of the main reasons British royals avoid eating onions and their fellow allium, garlic. However, some folks who don't wear crowns feel a little differently about the fragrant root veggie, particularly when they're on a hamburger from McDonald's.

TikTok user @kingskid80 took a moment to vent about the amount of onions – or rather, lack thereof – they received after asking for "extra extra extra extra" onions on a McDouble. "I tell them, 'You could even put a handful of onions and it won't be too many,'" they explained in the post.

The TikToker inspected their burger to see if the onion request was met. Spoiler alert: it wasn't. Feeling that the sandwich seriously lacked onion, they allegedly went back for more. "When I say 'extra onions,' I mean, extra onions," the TikToker said while dumping a massive mound of them onto the burger. The diced onions would probably make the royals re-think ingesting the McDonald's meal. However, the rest of TikTok apparently seems to think you can't have too many onions on a burger from the chain.

McDonald's customers seriously love the chain's diced onions

Onions are one of the more divisive foods in the culinary world, unless, evidently, they're topping a McDonald's hamburger. Several people admitted in the comments section of @kingkid80's TikTok video last month that they ordered their burgers the exact same way as the TikToker, including @duvalwinter, who said they want their onions "thicker than the meat."


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Subsequently, many of Mickey D's onion lovers often have the same issues with not getting enough to their liking. "Literally how I order mine and they'll literally put none," wrote @hellhathnomercy. "I love me the dehydrated onions," they added, and they're hardly the only person who feels this way. This may come as a bit of a surprise, considering that McDonald's Onion Nuggets were a bit of a flop. However, it turns out that the chain's diced onions, specifically, have a big fan club that expands far beyond the realm of TikTok, as evidenced by a poll conducted on the r/OnionLovers Reddit page.

Allrecipes explains that the affinity for the restaurant's minced alliums could possibly be chalked up to them being "less pungent and spicy" than a regular onion due to the rehydration process they go through in the kitchen – though it might only be a matter of time until the uniquely-flavored bulbs disappear to the fast food graveyard. McDonald's recently announced several upcoming burger changes, one of which involves replacing its beloved dehydrated onions with grilled onions.