10 Foods At Costco That Are Halal

People have all kinds of dietary restrictions, and for a plethora of different reasons. Some only have the goal of thinning out their waistline, so they might avoid carbs and processed sugar to get that bikini body they've always dreamed about. Others have medical issues that require them to avoid certain foods or else face some serious health consequences. Others, however, abide by a strict eating routine based on their religious beliefs. For example, many people who follow Islamic teachings restrict themselves to a diet that is solely halal.

The definition of halal is "lawful or permissible," and it's an Arabic word that incorporates much more than just food. Halal is a way of life, but diet is a big part of it — those who eat within the confines of halal can only consume food that was prepared "in accordance with the Shariah method." Now, you might think it's tough to track down this kind of food unless you personally prepare it. However, if you're a Costco customer, the megastore offers halal products for your convenience. So if you eat halal or you're throwing a party with some guests who do, this list of products will fall under the guidelines so everyone can enjoy the food and festivities together.

Deen Halal Beef Bacon

There are few things better to wake up to than the smell and sound of bacon sizzling on the stove. That rich, fatty aroma wafts through the house and nestles itself inside your nose and pretty much yanks your body out of bed. It's almost impossible to stay under the sheets when that amazing scent strikes like tasty lightning. And once you put that perfectly crispy piece in your mouth and crunch down on it, the explosion of salty, meaty flavors that dance across your palate gives your day a fantastic start. Lucky for you, if you love bacon and eat halal, Costco has you covered.

Costco sells Deen Halal Beef Bacon, so you can still scratch your bacon itch while also abiding by your religious beliefs. And you get a whole lotta bacon here — the package is 5 pounds, so you can treat yourself to a bacon-filled morning way more than just once. Who only wants to enjoy bacon every once in a while? The stuff is addicting, and this slab ensures you won't find yourself baconless for quite some time.

Quality Ethnic Foods Halal Cut Beef Oxtail

Oxtail may not be a cut of meat you're very familiar with — you don't often come across it on restaurant menus — but this doesn't mean that it's not worth exploring if you love harnessing your inner carnivore come meal time. Now, if you're the kind of person who enjoys lean pieces of meat that lack all the flavor-packed fat of, say, a ribeye, you might want to avoid oxtails. But if you're ready for a fatty, collagen-filled eating experience, then the oxtail route is definitely one you want to travel down. And you can snag yourself the Quality Ethnic Foods Halal Cut Beef Oxtails at Costco.

Even though oxtails are known for having fat, these aren't overly fatty, which means you're not going to experience that unpleasant gelatinous mouthfeel that fat-riddled meat can give you. One customer said, "The oxtail was lean and fresh! We made an oxtail pilaf with it and it added so much flavor to the rice! Going to use the rest of the broth to make a soup!" Another urged Costco to "please offer this cut of meat more regularly ... I love that there is the opportunity for Halal meats! The cuts were great (not too fatty) and the shipment was well preserved." If you're curious about oxtails, this is a great place to start.

Halal Bone-In Uncooked Goat Cubes

Even if you consider yourself a meat connoisseur, goat may be one type of protein that has eluded you. You don't often find it on restaurant menus unless you're dining at a place where goat is part of the ethnic cuisine, such as an Indian restaurant. And let's be honest — many people probably avoid goat meat because they're too hesitant to try something they've never had before. However, goat has a wonderfully sweet and slightly gamy taste that works in so many different dishes and pairs great with a lot of different sauces. If you're curious about eating goat, grab yourself a box of the Halal Bone-In Uncooked Goat Cubes the next time you're at Costco.

This 15-pound box comes with a heaping pile of uncooked goat cubes, each one 2 inches by 2 inches. As mentioned before, goat is extremely versatile, and these can be prepared in a number of different ways. You can skewer them and have some goat kabobs, or you can put them in a delicious curry and enjoy them with all the vibrant spices that curry offers. When cooked correctly, these cubes pack a lot of rich flavor that might just put goat at the top of your favorites list.

Crescent Foods Halal Chicken Breast Nuggets

There's something about bite-sized food that just makes it a little more enjoyable than a meal you have to eat with utensils. Grabbing up the food with your hands is a more visceral and intimate experience, and it makes you feel like you have full control over what's going into your body. This is what makes chicken nuggets so appealing — not only do they offer that great grab-with-your-hands characteristic, but there are few foods better for dunking. Chicken nuggets taste even better when plunged into a variety of delicious sauces, which is why the Crescent Foods Halal Chicken Breast Nuggets should find their way into your freezer.

Often, you don't know just how hygienic chicken coops are. But the cage-free chickens that are used for these nuggets are raised on an all-vegetarian diet, and they don't have any hormones or antibiotics pumped into them, so you're eating clean meat — and that's important. A plate of crispy chicken nuggets and a big bowl of sauce alongside them is always a great time, so do your appetite a favor and grab a bag of these little morsels of golden goodness.

Quality Ethnic Foods Halal Frozen Chicken Variety Pack

Chicken is arguably the most versatile protein you can eat. It can be cooked in a lot of different ways and has a neutral flavor that pairs well with a ton of sauces and marinades. If you're on the hunt for some cuts of chicken that are also halal, Costco has you covered with its Quality Ethnic Foods Halal Frozen Chicken Variety Pack. The purchase comes with three different cuts of chicken: drumsticks, tenders, and breasts. Fry them, bake them, or dredge them in a tasty marinade and toss them on the grill. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Customers who made this purchase were pleased with not only the quality of the meat but the amount of meat on each cut, with one saying, "This was a lot more meat than I was expecting. Packaging was perfect for quick storage and quick thawing." Another satisfied Costco shopper said, "Loved this order of very nicely packaged chicken. Perfect for smaller families or two people like us. ... Excellent quality of the chicken. I will definitely reorder." A nicely packaged product containing high-quality ingredients should always find a way onto your shopping list, so don't pass up a chance to enjoy this halal chicken.

Crescent Foods Halal All Natural Chicken Breast Breaded Tenders

When a chicken nugget is a bit too small to really satisfy your craving for breaded chicken, you gotta step up your game and move on to tenders. Tenders are basically oversized nuggets, which means you get more meat and a bigger piece of protein for sauce dunking. Costco gives customers a chance to enjoy tenders with the Crescent Foods Halal All Natural Chicken Breast Breaded Tenders, a 3-pound bag of white meat chicken with a great golden breading on the outside for a wonderful crunchy mouthfeel.

If you start going down a rabbit hole trying to discover how the chicken you're consuming is made, you can find some pretty disturbing stuff, but you don't have to worry about that with this product. The tenders all come from cage-free chickens raised on a vegetarian diet without the addition of all the detrimental hormones and antibiotics that so many animals often come with. It's tough to turn down a plate of fresh chicken tenders, so grab one of these bags and have at it.

Halal Frozen Beef Variety

Customers like variety. Any time you can offer more than one version of something in a single, easy purchase, you're going to draw some attention. This is exactly what makes the Halal Frozen Beef Variety at Costco such an appealing option to anyone looking to enjoy rich, meaty dishes. Not only is the meat certified 100% hand Zabiha halal, but you also get three different types of beef for your enjoyment: ground beef, stew beef, and tenderloin steaks.

Because you get three different varieties of beef, this package gives you the opportunity to cook a plethora of different dishes. There are few dishes that warm your soul more than rich beef stew, and you can whip one up with chunks of cubed beef. If burgers are your thing, grab a handful of that ground beef, mold it into a thick patty, and slap it on the grill. And a beef tenderloin is always a solid option for anyone who wants to approach their dinner with a fork-and-knife tactic. If you ever find yourself asking, "Where's the beef?" just know the answer lies at Costco.

Halal 100% Pure Ground Beef Hamburger

Summertime means warm weather, poolside cocktails, and backyard barbecues. And as anyone who's either thrown a party or attended one knows, no barbecue is complete without a platter of freshly grilled burgers. A great burger screams out, "Summertime has arrived!" loudly and proudly. If you're a burger enthusiast in need of some ground beef so you can start grilling some epic patties for all to enjoy, Costco offers its Halal 100% Pure Ground Beef hamburger meat. Not only will it allow you to make great burgers, but it's also halal in case anyone you're hosting follows that diet.

The package comes with three 1-pound packs of ground beef. The burger meat is 80% lean with a 20% fat content, so the patties will turn out extra juicy thanks to the fat that will melt during cooking. A dry burger is always a bummer, but when cooked properly, these give off those fantastic run-down-your-chin juices that hit your palate perfectly and get you ready to tackle a second helping. Make your next barbecue as tasty as possible and grab yourself a package of this burger meat.

New Zealand Spring Lamb Halal Ground Lamb

As tasty as a beef burger is, you can create one of those delicious hand-held meals with just about any protein. If you're getting a bit tired of the beef flavor in your burger, a great alternative is lamb. Lamb is a bit gamier than beef, but it has an intensely meaty flavor that your inner carnivore will absolutely drool over. If you're thinking of dabbling in lamb, scoop up the New Zealand Spring Lamb Halal Ground Lamb at Costco. It's halal, it's ground into a great malleable texture, and you'll be molding some deliciously rich patties to slap on the grill in no time at all.

If you're concerned about the quality of meat you're receiving here, rest assured you're getting high-quality stuff. The lamb is 85% lean and 15% fat, so it's not going to flood your mouth with greasy juices when you take a bite, but it'll definitely carry a great richness with it. The meat is also from lambs that are 100% grass-fed, and they're raised without antibiotics and hormones. They also come from free-roaming pastures as opposed to the cramped, filthy factories so many others suffer through.

Halal Frozen Whole Young Turkey

When Thanksgiving time rolls around, there's only one food floating through everyone's mind: turkey. A big, savory, overly stuffed turkey. Few eating experiences are more memorable than when that roasted turkey emerges from the oven after hours of slow cooking and hits the center of the table, glistening from all the wonderful juices that were basted over it. But before you can even think about eating turkey, you have to track one down at the store. Costco is no stranger to holiday eating, and it offers a Halal Frozen Whole Young Turkey for those getting ready to whip up an epic feast for Thanksgiving (and anyone who just wants to roast a turkey any other time of the year).

Each turkey is anywhere from 13 to 15 pounds, so you're getting enough meat to satisfy a lot of hungry appetites. The animals are raised without antibiotics, and they're also steroid and hormone-free. This product has brought Thanksgiving joy to plenty of customers, with one saying, "I'm so impressed with the turkey I bought! I haven't roasted a turkey for Thanksgiving in six years and finally am after such a long time. Love the price for the size, the quality of the turkey and its cleanliness, and I'm extremely impressed with the way it was packaged! ... I can't wait to purchase more. Highly recommend!" Next time Thanksgiving peaks its head around the corner, do the meal the justice it deserves.