Even Succession's Greg Hirsch Knows Lemon LaCroix Barely Has Flavor

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Those who keep up with "Succession" likely know all about the scene in which journalist Darwin gets wasabi in his eyes, prompting Greg Hirsch to use a lemon LaCroix as an eye-wash substitute.

That being said, we definitely don't recommend putting wasabi in or near your eyes, as it contains a vaporous chemical called allyl isothiocyanate that causes burning pain, nor should you use LaCroix to rinse your eyes. Rather, should you get something in your eye, WebMd suggests rinsing with water or a saline solution, and a trip to the ER, if all else fails.

Medical advice aside, we can appreciate the humorous implications this scene has for LaCroix's lemon flavor — that it has little to no flavor at all, and is pretty much just regular water. In fact, the lemon variety ranks fairly low on the list of popular LaCroix flavors, and many fans of the brand have voiced their disappointment with the flavor payoff over the years. Sure, we realize it's supposed to be a sparkling water above all else, but if it's going to be flavored, shouldn't you be able to really taste it?

LaCroix might just contain a single drop of lemon juice

Don't get us wrong, LaCroix is one of the most popular sparkling water brands on the market, but that doesn't negate the complaints customers have had about the flavors. The lemon-flavored LaCroix has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon, with several reviewers saying they'd be better off buying regular sparkling water and adding lemon themselves. Others suggested that each can of lemon LaCroix contains a single drop of lemon flavoring.

LaCroix's label actually includes only two ingredients — carbonated water and natural essences — and those "essences" may be where the lack of flavor stems from. According to the Wall Street Journal, "natural essences" are created by heating fruits and veggies until they release a vapor. Once condensed, that vapor can be added to other foods to give them flavor. In other words, if you think lemon LaCroix has only an essence of lemon flavor, that's because it's essentially just sparkling water canned with lemon vapors. A drop of lemon might be more generous than we thought.